Sunday, October 07, 2007

Yarn Tasting and Tasty Yarn

Today we went to a Yarn Tasting at Uncommon Threads in Encinitas. A lot of us knitters here in Southern Ca have been to Nancy's lovely shop in the beautiful Seaside town. Mrs Twisted and I enjoy the little drive down the coast and yarn is always a bonus. Today was no different and the 74 deg temperature and gentle ocean breeze made the trip that much better. Cia from Skacel was explaining the new yarn lines and encouraging us to try something new. We had the pleasure to meet Margene, a pistol of a lady with many years worth of knitting behind her. What a lovely lady, she had so much spirit and shared her stories how she made her own sock blockers and gives a set with each pair of socks she gifts. She even told us that her socks came with a life time guaranty, if they get a hole or wear out, she will replace the toe or heel and return them.

When I looked in the mail box tonight after we got home I found this purple bag of heaven waiting for me.

You all know what was inside. Big surprise right? From a new yarn company I found with a little help for a fellow Raveler pjyarngoddess. Yarn Addict Anni was touted to me and who am I to resist. 440 yards of each.

Not only is it pretty but it's very soft!


  1. Wow I love the colors you have there. Knitting for a girl and a boy?

  2. i love how the yarn is on plates! looks like a lot of fun... and i have to go check out that yarn! yummy!

  3. I see that lace skirt in your project queue. For you? [ducking] or for Mrs. Twisted?


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