Friday, October 26, 2007

Is it a sock or skeleton cozy?

Time for some knitting content. As Christmas time quickly approaches, Mrs. Twisted was thinking of making socks for her nieces as gifts. This is Posh Lucia Merino/Cashmere from the last shipment of the now defunct Posh Sock club, colorway "Farewell"... Posh Yarns still continues stronger than ever but you don't get that little pink bag once a month with the magic that is Posh yarn.

Mr. Bones latched onto these and made himself a Posh sleeping bag to cushion his bones.

Well, it is the Halloween season....

A more traditional shot on the back of one of our new couch pillows.

A nice full shot of the Wavy Lace sock by Evelyn A Clark from the 25 Favorite socks book.

These may never become gift socks because who can give away cashmere socks to a 20 something?

The Twisteds are going on a multi-day road trip soon! Details to come... Hopefully going to meet some blog or Ravelry friends and shop at some wonderful new yarn stores while we're gone.


  1. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Beautiful sock!

  2. I knitted one of these socks. Just one! Yours turned out nicely. I like the color.

  3. The socks are gorgeous... but what do you have against 20-somethings?

  4. Great color! It so funny...Martha Stewart say "it is good thing"!

    great idea for skeleton cover!

  5. Beautiful knitting job on the Waving Lace socks, Mrs. T. I love that pattern.

  6. If you ever make a road trip to TX, I know all sorts of neat places.


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