Monday, October 29, 2007

it ain't over till the kachungie clicks

I know it looks like the fires are all out according to the news but we still have the local fire burning. After walking out of the local grocery store we looked beyond the car and saw the red glow in the foothills. After the two minute drive home I thought I would walk back to the parking lot to see if I could capture some of the sights. I had the diner in the oven and had 25 minutes to waste so off I walked. As I hit the front of our complex I saw the most eerie moon peaking from the clouds.

The blue coloring was from the smoke I think. Well I thought the fire was about 7 miles away but later that night I found that at one point last week that we were only 4 miles from the burn zone.

Forgive the last pic but this is just a little simple digital camera but it suffers a little when you zoom it so close in the dark.

Walking back to our home I was surprised when it began to sprinkle. Yes, you heard right, it started to sprinkle.

You know it doesn't rain much here when I take picture of the rain drops hitting the ground. I think this was the 2nd rainfall in the past 3 or 4 months and it was just a few drops that ended quickly but it was a sign that the humidity was up. Bad news is that the winds are said to start up again so hold on tight Dorothy because we may start this whole thing over again.

I cast on for some Christmas socks for my Daughter tonight. My first toe up and they are from some yarn I bought not to long ago. I know I was going to use the fluorescent pink Koigu but I loved this yarn so much better.

It's Yarn Addict Anni sock yarn from the UK colorway Pink swirl.

Sunday Mrs. Twisted and I took a drive down to Encinitas to pick up a Thomas the Tank Engine Pattern for a sweater. She has a co-worker who has a little boys birthday coming soon and he just loves the Thomas stuff. I guess he is going to a stage show or Thomas the Tank Engine on Ice show soon afte his birthday so I know he will love to wear this to the show. I also got a manual row counter because the new fangled one I had stopped working and I replaced the battery and it still didn't work right. Sometimes you just need to use the manual versions of things. I got a red Kacha Kacha or what I call Mrs. Twisted's the chunka chunka or she calls the Kachungie.

Oh for you sports minded people, I'm a converted Red Sox fan and NE Patriots fan because of Mrs. Twisted's origin. The Red Sox swept the series and the Patriots are rolling through the NFL each week like one sportscaster said, "it's like they are playing the junior varsity. " A little depressed that Baseball is over till the spring but it's only a few months until the spring training begins and we start this all over again. Really, I'm not sports fanatic, I just enjoy the chess like moves in baseball.


  1. I read your blog regularly (every but don't comment often however, I just wanted to say that I am so glad the fires are under control and that you and Ms Twisted are safe.
    Love that Pink Swirl...drooling here!

  2. Your pictures are very Haloween appropriate!

    My Dad has been so thrilled about the Red Sox, I haven't seen him follow baseball as closely as he did this year.

  3. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Oooh, that is the prettiest pink colorway I have seen.

    I have the low-tech red counter too. I like the idea of naming it after the sound that it makes. I will listen closely next time I use mine.


  4. I think I may have captured the moon on the same night. I know of the blue glow you mention. nice pictures.

  5. The pink yarn is really great and I like the way the toe is working up.

    We are Indians fans here and were very excited at how well they did . . . up until the end. The Patriots have been totally awesome and the first team that Belicheck coached was the Browns.

    Have fun with your new row counter.


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