Friday, January 04, 2008

chicken little lives on in So Cal

What has happened to the news in southern Ca? It used to be that you could turn on the news and find out what was happening locally and around the world. I think the writers strike has effected the news too or it's just that bad? Storm Watch 2008... do they realize that we're all laughing at them because it's not newsworthy to them unless they can make it sound like the end of the world is at hand and rapture if you believe in such things is emanate. Do you know what was the breaking news last night? No, not the rain they were breaking in all night to show the blond model types standing out in the night warning you to stay inside because the rain is coming. Well it's still dry and it looks like we may get the edge of a little rain. This was supposed to be the biggest storm in 5 years. oh sorry the breaking news was that earlier in the day Britney Spears was two hours late to a deposition to regain custody of her kids and some how had a problem returning them after her supervised visitation and the police and fire trucks were called to her home and the last report was that she had to be taken away in an ambulance. You know what would happen if it was any other father who violated his visitation or refused to surrender the kids? He would be thrown in jail. K-Fed is a better parent. I wonder if you could have gotten odds on that in Vegas when they anounced their babies birth? It's confusing sometimes not that the Caucus was any measure of where the election is heading when they have it set up so not everyone is even allowed to vote due to the time constraints, but the news outlets think that we care more about a displaced trailer park resident who hit the lottery and the requirement for us all to have an Ark to survive the next 4 days than the election of our future commander in chief. If they can't sensationalize the news then it just isn't reported anymore. When did the National Enquirer take over the local news in LA? When Mrs. Twisted moved here from the northeast she was shocked at the format and content of our news. or lack of content I should say. We used to call it the Sex news here on channel 13. No it was not about sex but they had this lady in the tightest low cut sweater with big hair and sultry make-up reading the news like it was a bed time story for perverts. They have since toned down the over the top format but I think it was because she just had a baby. Jerry Dunphy and Hal Fishman must me rolling in their graves. TV News used to have some credibility when they reporting of facts and what happened that day and the opinions were given in the commentary part of the news when they had the word COMMENTARY across the bottom of the screen.

It's 3:30 PM and the sky is not falling and the animals aren't lining up two by two so chicken little can go home and wait for the next big storm watch 2008 warning. Seriously, I hope it doesn't rain so hard that the burn zones turn into mud slides but I grew up here and it's been doing the same thing my whole life. Summertime we get fires and winter we get a few mudslides where the ground cover used to be. Problem is that people live in the hills and they wonder why the mud slided under, over, and through their homes? Don't build homes where the mud slides and the hills burn. Problem solved. The earth will take back everything in time. Except some of our trash that has the half life of nuclear waste. Anyway, things are safe at Casa De Twisted, We're safe & dry here no mater what CNN or whoever reporting that we are sliding into the ocean in a river of mud or about to at any minute. Oh and I think Brittany had a better day today. Bless the poor girl.. At least the police havent been called yet. I'm waiting for Brittany Watch 2008, that would make me through my TV out the window. Call me snarky today ....


  1. Ah Mr Twisted - my response is "amen". It is a bit much between our Storm Tracking Mega Doppler nonsense combined with what Brittany etc has done today. As an 58 year OC native I too wonder about how the true news reporters that we grew up with would think about today's idea of what is news. And this goes for national news also. As for the storm - I hope it is one but I'm not holding my breath as they have a tendency to skirt by our coast. Hang in there, find some wool and curl up on the couch with Mrs Twisted and enjoy an old movie!

  2. Anonymous7:52 PM

    I'm on the east coast and the only thing I heard about all day was Britney. I sort of feel sorry for her. She had the world at her finger tips and she chooses to waste and ruin her life instead. I say had, because I don't think that there is any coming back from this.

    If you get some warmth there, please send this way :-)

    And on a better note, a very Happy New Year to you and Mrs. Twisted!!! :-)

  3. You said it so well that I feel much better, as though I said it. It is one of my little soapboxes that I stand on to rant. (like how the news agencies have amazing power and influence, but most people take their reports as gospel rather than question their agendas. and how history-making news gets barely a mention while we hear all about Paris's latest court case)rant over. Twinkies for the brain. All fluff, little substance.

    Sorry if that was incoherent.

  4. LOL! I had the same rant building in me this afternoon. I swear, I got better election news from tech blogs today. I was actually more interested in the weather in NorCal because my son and his friends left Tahoe early due to "blizzard" conditions. Forgot the little blips of orange on the ABC MEGADOPPLER in LA! Still no rain in MY neighborhood. At least it's almost time for Jeopardy...

  5. Anonymous6:39 PM

    We used to call it the Sex news here on channel 13. No it was not about sex but they had this lady in the tightest low cut sweater with big hair and sultry make-up reading the news like it was a bed time story for perverts.

    I nearly spit my juice on my monitor thanks to that. LOL.

    (We had one of those up here, too. But she's since been replaced.)


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