Thursday, January 17, 2008

Not just another knit night.

Last night was the Knit out at Whole Foods in Tustin. Thanks to Rachel and Amanda for all the behind the scenes work to set this up. For those of you who enjoy the healthy foods and organic cooking you probably have shopped at Whole Foods Market if you have one near you. They have a place up front like a dinning area where you can eat the prepared foods that are ready to eat there or take home.

Approximately 40 people were there during the night from four sources. Their was cross coordination & communication between the three knit groups; All Things Strings, Orange County Pub Knitters and UCIS&B and then it was posted in the OC group on Ravelry too.

It was very nice to meet Lisa AKA pickyknitter75 from Riverside, Denise AKA neesespieces from Placentia, Knitterotica from the OC and Karen AKA Loopykd from Tustin. My pictures are not the best but here are a few.

The place even supplied coffee for us. What a wonderful evening. Can't wait to see you all again.

Forgive my spelling of the names but this was our little group , Juliette in the teal, Lisa (go Steelers) , Stacey, Mrs. Twisted, my empty chair and Melissa. We all chit chatted and knit and did a lot of catching up. Most of us grew out of the ATS group or had attended one of the other groups at one time or another or met at the annual Summer beach party where we all join again. Most of us migrated around the room to see everyone or hung around after and talked in the parking lot.


  1. That is so great. What fun.

  2. Have you ever tried the Kerrygold [Irish cheddar] from Whole Foods? I have been known to drive to Whole Foods just to buy the smallest possible packet of Kerrygold I can find. It's not cheap, and it's worth every penny!

  3. you have been awarded the "you make my day" award.

  4. And not to be outdone by our mutual friend, Ms. Punkin:

    Congratulations! You’ve just won the “You Make My Day” award. Come steal the button from my blog and pass it on!

  5. Oh my, i have never been to such a big knit-out group before !!


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