Tuesday, January 29, 2008

first hand spun yarn on Lorelai

I know I haven’t been bloging much lately, been getting to know Lorelai. Here is a sample of last weeks spinning. The fiber has been in my possession for over a year and it's mystery wool roving but I didn't know much about roving then. I know I have a long way to go but I have to tell you all how much fun it is to spin yarn that will someday be a finished object. (maybe not this yarn)
Sunday I had a spinning lesson for Lori Lawson, yes I had a spinning lesson on Superbowl Sunday but we made it home before half time. I feel pretty confident about my singles now and she offered a few tips to improve my technique. The main reason for the lesson was to get a hands on lesson about plying. If you know me personally then you know I ask so many questions when I'm learning. Always looking to fill in the blanks between the my personal experience, topical reading and internet research. Lori was so warm and friendly during the lesson.

Here is the first plied hank. A little too much thick and thin but it's the first one and I know there is lots of room for improvement.
Time went by in a flash but she took us upstairs and shared her hand spun yarn to inspire me to improve. She shared some of her future projects. If you are going to Stitches West, look for her yarn in a few booths and say hi for us. Sorry but we forgot the camera today and it was a Kodak moment. I know we always have the camera but not this time.

I have been bad this last week; bags of roving from multiple sources and from various species are in route to Casa De Twisted. I'm so excited to spin the fun new fibers. Yes there is some luxury stuff too.

The Malabrigo mock cable scarf is finished and officially gifted.

This was my birthday gift to Mrs Twisted besides the dinner at Morton’s. She really loved the color and what's not to love about the softness of Malabrigo yarn plus it will keep her warm in the future.


  1. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Due to the recent "whoops it's gonna be too big" issue I had with the Tilted Duster, I need a slight distraction. I think I'm going to cast on for the Malabrigo scarf today. It's easy enough to take to work too. Yay for easy projects that don't require tape measures and such.


  2. Yahoo!!! Your first skein of plied yarn. Keep that close at hand and let's take a look at your yarn a month from now. You're doing great and you'll be amazed at the improvement the more time you spend on your wheel. L

  3. I think that your first batch looks beautiful! I've seen yarn at the store that didn't look that good!

  4. Congrats on getting Lorelai up and running. The yarn looks great. I have spent some time at my sister's spinning and usually end up with a messy muck up.

    The Malabrigo yarn is fabulous. I'm making a scarf for my 7 year old (isn't he a tad spoiled). But I let him pick it out. Kind of hard to back track when he is the only one of my kids that will hang with me at our most favorite LYS.

  5. Your first plied hank looks really good. I can hear in your words how passionate you are about spinning.

    I like the color pattern in the Malabrigo scarf. One of my goals is to try Malabrigo this year.

    It is unlike you to forget the camera :-)


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