Saturday, January 26, 2008

I have a greater respect for "womans work" for the last 20,000 years

We had a little rain Friday night so we had a treat in the morning.

Los Angeles is surrounded by foot hills and mountains. When it's cold and it rains here the surrounding mountains get snow. Today was a pretty day for snow viewing. Warm sunny morning and snow on the mountains to make the scenery nice. For those of you who live in the snow country, this is as close as I like to get.

Today was my first meeting with the GLASG Greater Los Angeles Spinning Guild. What a warm friendly group. Many of the members introduced themselves and made me feel very welcome. This is a very active guild that has events for each each meeting over the next six months. Today they had a lecture and slide show by Dr. Elizabeth Barber. I wasn't familiar with her works but that didn't stop me from enjoying the lecture.

Find it Here

Woman's Work The First 20,000 Years. She talked about spinning and weaving as far back as 30,000 years BC. Yes that far back. Drop spindles and weaving looms in prehistoric days. She shared a wealth of research and her life's love. Passion for the history of fiber arts when it was a way of life not just for relaxation.

You know I love the picture with the authors. Dr Barber gladly autographed her books for us and spoke to us one on one answering all of our fiber questions.

The size of the guild was quite impressive but it draws people from all over Southern California.

They use a meeting hall in a Lutheran Church that easily handles the crowd. Two large semi-circles with multiple rows of chairs across the back.

All ages and so many different wheel types everywhere you look.

Lot's of socializing before and after the meeting. About 40 people were here today.

I'm using a wheel that is just a temperary situation but I will disclose more when my wheel arrives Monday *crossing fingers*

No news on the Wheel and the scarf is less than a foot from completion.

I also picked up a new book today. Sensual knits.

Beautiful patterns in real woman sizes too. Lots of luxury yarns used in this book. They even have socks made from Posh Lucia yarn.


  1. Love that "Veronica Lake" glamour girl pose on the cover of book #2.

    Growing up in Idaho as I did, I miss snow. Not to drive in, but to look at. Thanks for posting those pictures; I've now had my fix for the winter!

  2. Holy cow, Jerry, Social Rank now has you listed higher than Wendy of Wendyknits! Are you ever going to speak to us ordinary mortals again? [Me, they're steadfastly ignoring, LOL.]

  3. I would love to attend meetings like that. I like looking at all the different wheels.

    I tend to assume that books like Sensual Knits won't have sizes for the more womanly figures and so I tend to pass over them. It is good to know that it has "real women" sizes.

    I am anxiously awaiting pictures of your new wheel. It has to be close to home if the projected arrival is Monday. I look forward to hearing about it.

    We have gotten 4 inches of snow in the last 4 hours. I have had to knock the snow of the bushes twice this afternoon because it weighs them down to the ground.

    Is Mrs. T interested in spinning too?

  4. I wanna go to those meetings? When are they! I have so much to learn when I spin, it's all just seat of the pants stuff with me so lectures and help is always gonna be helpful.

  5. Oh, I have that book. I've already got about six things from it queued in my Ravelry!


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