Monday, January 07, 2008

Five years of sock yarn, and flip flops in the rain.

We had a little over an inch of rain since Friday night. Not worth building the ark for but it's a nice storm to clean the pavement. The weather guessers here are counting on the 3rd storm to bring the payoff since the last two waves failed to achieve the goal of total flooding.

On to better news or maybe not. This week is the update the stash inventory week to get inspired Two shelves complete. I will do my best to update the Ravelry stash as well. That may take more time but a little at a time. Today we are at 20% updated

The first picture is the Malabrigo. All but the project I cast on Thursday night and the project yarn for the Mrs' sunset top.

Picture number two is the wool shelf. Mostly Manos and some Lorna's Laces, Rio De Laplata and various other wool. The Mano's for the rug project is not in the picture and that would add some volume to the shelf.

This is the thinnest shelf stash wise.

Picture three is for my newest group on Ravelry. Knit socks from your stash 2008. Flash your sock stash. We made 12 pairs of socks last year and the count as of right now is yarn for 70 pairs including the one that is on the needles right now. At this build rate we have 5 years of sock stash.

Last but not least we went to the grocery store last night ( Saturday) and Mrs. Twisted is officially a Southern Californian. We had a little drizzle and it was in the 50's so she had on a cape, her newly made alpaca/silk mitts and yes some flip-flops. I know we love to wear shorts and flip flops and heavy coats. Any questions just go to any other piers around here around sunset and you will see heavy down filled coats that will keep you warm to -10F and they have on shorts or flip-flops. Rarely the gloves or hat with it unless it's a style thing. Freedom from clothes is hard to give up just because of a little cool or wet weather.


  1. Impressive! Almost mind-boggling! And, oh yeah, *pretty*!

  2. Anonymous10:12 AM

    gorgeous and yummy :-)

    I know I'm a yarn nerd when I can look at the stash pictures and say, "oh, that's this type of yarn and that's this type"

  3. I am impressed with how balanced your colors are, especially your sock yarn. You have soft and bright to dark and rich. Something for most any pattern. That is great.

  4. When the Mrs goes out without an umbrella (and forgets that they actually exist) - then she'll be a Southern Californian! :-)

  5. I thought that was only a Northern CA thing - wearing winter coats with sandals! It is a really funny look, but practical!

  6. Oh my!!! I see lots of lovely socks there Jerry!! And some Posh ones too.

    I wore my red Posh Emily socks all day today and my feet feet fantastic, so will yours when you've knit them :)

    Thanks for stopping by, lovely to 'see you' again :D

    I've never seen a number plate like that here!!!!


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