Tuesday, January 08, 2008

travlin' Man spinning his wheels or drop spindle for right now.

I saw this on Lynn's Blog and wanted to play along.

Four states left to see.
How many have you seen? http://www.epgsoft.com/VisitedStatesMap/

The Scarf is growing so fast. It's wonderful when you knit everyday, your projects actually grow. it's 17.9% complete as of the end of my lunch time. I knit each day during my lunch time as opposed to eating just because the clock says it's feeding time. I'm at the honeymoon phase of this project. I've memorized the pattern to create the mock cable but I'm not sick of the color or the project in general. You know that feeling when it feels like you have been working on it forever and it still seems to look like you have a mile to go. I'm still looking to pick it up and not thinking about patterns for the next project or browsing our stash for something to inspire my next project. I'll load WIP pics on Ravelry tonight.

I was supposed to inventory another yarn stash shelf last night, update the Excel sheet and check for photos. After the George Forman BBQ Chicken dinner last night I just wanted to curl up on the couch with the fire on. Maybe tonight?

I joined the two local spinning guilds over the last few weeks. OC Nightspinners and the Greater Los Angeles Spinning Guild. We have those two plus the local spinning group that is reforming since the New Year. I'm still on the drop spindle but the saving for the Fricke S160DT-F wheel is almost complete. With the Christmas holiday season over let the spinning begin. I know I was looking at the Majacraft Rose but it's hard to justify twice the money for my first wheel. Yes it's pretty but it's a tool to create fiber not to impress the other members of the guilds I haven't even been to yet. I spun each wheel last month and this feels very smooth, has all the bells and whistles at half the price. All the high praise in the open forum reviews was well deserved as well as a few people I have spoken to off the boards. I know that if I love spinning as much as I expect it, I will buy a production Saxony wheel for home and the Fricke to use as my travel wheel. Then I can get the drum carder and all the other cool tools too :)

Last night I saw a post on the GLASG yahoo board where I was mentioned. Someone who has read my blog at one point, saw when I joined last month and was hoping to see me at the guild meeting that was a couple Saturdays ago. Another Orange County spinner joined the same guild and she recommended our Pubknitters to this new spinner member as a regular knit night group. Thanks Kim! Maybe someday you can join us in Laguna for a drink of your choice and some wonderful conversation between stitches. I'll be at the next guild meeting though.

That's all for now.
Life Is Good

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