Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Crunch time for socks

Christmas time is coming quick. Mrs. Twisted and I are both giving socks as gifts this year. Well she is making many more than I am.

The first pair here modeled by Mr. Bones are made from Cascade Fixation. Pattern is Flame Wave Socks by Ann Budd.
These are going to a young niece...

Here is the second sock made from Posh Lucia in colorway Farewell. Waving Lace pattern

This is the latest sock finished tonight. Yarn is from an Indie dyer, "My Small Wonders" 80/20. No colorway listed but it looks like Malachite. Pattern is a modified Fiesta Fishbone. Interesting construction, the heel is done last by using waste yarn where the heel goes and then you complete the sock and go back and zip the single strand of waste yarn and create the heel last. These are gong to another niece.

This is my slow but sure progress of sock one for my Daughter. Should be done soon.

Mr. bones wondering what sock to wear next.

How many of you are knitting gifts for Christmas? What are you making? Will you finish in time?
Looking forward to our trip this weekend, most of the details are in place. Details soon.
Life is Good


  1. All of your socks are beautiful. What nice Christmas gifts. I do love to see Mr. Bones modeling the socks...he does such a good job.
    I think the Farewell colorway is my favorite and love the Waving Lace pattern.
    I haven't ventured into socks just yet but I am making cloths and backscrubbers for gifts this year. Everyone seems to like them very well. Getting finished in time...oh, I hope so.

  2. Gorgeous socks you two!! I guess that's what happens when you don't have 10 things OTN at once hey? You actually FINISH things ;) Congrats - I'm jealous of your neices.

  3. You're doing some great work there! I am seeing the waving lace socks everywhere and am pretty keen to add them to my christmas list - not much time left though, huh? I love the green ones!

  4. Anonymous12:59 PM

    It looks like an amazing amount of knitting getting done at the House of Twisted. The socks are lovely.

    We draw names for gift giving, and last year when I gave my brother a hand knit watchcap and fingerless gloves it kind of flopped. I am playing it safe this year and giving a gift card.

  5. Anonymous4:46 PM

    They all look so good :) I am also making some socks for Christmas...but worsted weight ones so they go quick! I have to finish my Central Park Hoodie first though...


  6. You do some really nice work, love all the socks. Where do you get your yarn holders, they are really nice and I sure could use a few.

  7. the socks looks great, you two doing some great work! I like all this socks, and the color are great also!

  8. Great socks. I don't do knitting for anyone for Christmas. It is guaranteed to make me crazed and over-stressed.

    Your socks are beautiful.

    Wishing you and Mrs. Twisted a beautiful, joyful and peaceful Thanksgiving.

  9. I love to knit sock, trying to knit as many as i wanted to.

    Lovely socks, my fav are the greens.


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