Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Naughty Swap Partner #1

First and foremost my little blog hit a milestone that I thought was impossible when contemplating blog traffic last year. Sunday I hit the 10,000 mark for visitors. In May I was at 3,000 visitors and I was so excited. We even had a yarn give-a-way, sorry but no give-a-way this time. I'm getting over a 1,000 hits a month now and I may come up with a contest to predict the date of another milestone. Like guessing the date of a new baby. Thank you! to all my loyal readers and to all you lurkers out there. It's hard to believe that so many people have stopped by to read or went whoops this wasn't what I was looking for and left. Either way Thank you for sort of giving some validation on some level. I know I do this for my own sanity and I treasure the friends that I have met doing this. Some of you are just spectacular people who always inspire me to be myself and stretch my knitting wings or just be a better person in my life. Thank you all for contributing to this wonderful experience. I hope it never ends and I meet so many more like you. How many of my readers have eclipsed this number? Without looking I know a few of you long time prolific bloggers are leading the way.

Late last week I received the second box from my Secret Pal. This is SP11 if you didn't participate. I was having some issues last week and weekend. I realized that the Dr. is correct and I should not try to second guess his assessment. No, I will not go into much detail and I'm just fine when I do what I should.

That was no excuse but I guess it was because I didn't do much knitting over the weekend either. I messed up my blog trying to upgrade and finally got it to resemble a blog again.

What a wonderful surprise One hank of Art Yarns Ribbon

This ball of Crystal Palace Wool Silk blend in PURPLE!

Something to help the Sweet Tooth

Never too much Dark Chocolate.

And a book from my wish list. Domiknitrix

Thank you so very much SP spoiler! who lives in Oakland or at least ships from Oakland.

I also received the second box for the PRGE too but I will give them each a separate post. The deserve it.


  1. Congrats on the milestone!

  2. Isn't it great to have that many people interested in your musings? Congrats on a great blog & love the look!

  3. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Congratulations on your 10,000 hits!!

    I gather from what you said that changing the template is not a smooth process. Maybe I will hold off on changing mine. I like the look of your blog.

    I hope you are feeling better.


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