Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Pink Sock Progress

Pink sock update. Last night I finally made it past the heel. This is the first toe up and it's my first short row wrap and turn heel. No picking up of stitches. The first repeat of "lace" is complete. Now it just round and round the leg we go I may have this sock done before the weekend. One whole sock in less than 2 weeks. Wooohooooo!

I'm a slow knitter and I love to play on Ravelry and blog surf and research spinning wheels. All the things that most knitters use the time to actually knit. Mrs. Twisted was talking to me about if I knit as much as I looked at Ravelry and blogged and surfed I would have no stash left because it would all be used up. I belong to a few groups on Ravelry and one thread was started about the 10 mile club. Does your stash equal 10 miles or more? I had to look and found out that I have over 47 miles of stash. I know big surprise huh? Then someone else wanted to know if that was in roving who much would it be. Well in sport fingering or worsted it would be different. I know that we have over 135 pounds in yarn. My trusty Excel sheet has all the stats. I just had to total the right column to get the answer. OK enough about that.

Pub Knitting tonight, UCISNB tomorrow. Knitting in public for the last year plus has been quite fun or at least interesting but I think that is part of the charm of this group. More than a few weeks back we had this well intoxicated gentleman come over to our group and was just amazed that we were all knitting. He was on business from Colorado and just happen to be spending the evening in the same pub as us. This was at our Summer location in Beautiful Dana Point. Nice place because we can sit outside and enjoy the sumer night air plus the cool ocean breeze.

Please meet "Tommy Vail....

We really never asked his name so we nick named him Tommy Vail because of the Tommy Hilfiger tee shirt and that he was proudly from Vail Colorado.

The group of us enjoying the fun of happy drunk man. He never understood that we weren't laughing with him like he thought but it sure made the evening fun while he hung around for the 10 minutes or so. I handed the camera to the waitress to capture the fun. It's amazing what comes out of the mouth of a persons mouth when he/she has too much to drink.

The reason I mentioned this now is because last Thursday night this couple in their 50's or so (I know they wanted to look younger)came into the place were we meet for the UCISNB and she looked like the stereotypical Newport Beach "woman of leasure" Store bought Tan. Almost tanorexic.... Nothing real or that appeared to be real from the waist up. He was looking at wine in the cooler and she struck up a conversation with some of us knitting. Hew sentences were incoherent and it became evident that she was already intoxicated and the wine her man was selecting was not needed. As they left the cashier came back and made the comment we were all thing? "I'm glad she wasn't driving." No pictures of this but just imagine too many face lifts, too much starvation dieting, Collagen filled lips that resembled the lips of a boxer after his fight or a bee sting to the lips. Plus the ramblings of inebriation. Poor soul. We didn't laugh after she left it was almost like you felt sorry for this person.


  1. I also enjoy at the same time knit and blog surf. My kids deride to me! I like the socks and the color also. I begrudge because I havent no place to knit in public or in community. It seem that you have a grat time!

  2. Oh yes, good old Tommy Vail. That guy was funny. Why is it that knitters run into such odd people.. yet those people thing WE are odd?

  3. Tanorexic. Now there's a word for you! I try to learn at least one new thing a day, Jerry. Thank you for helping me get that checked off my list today. I remember when I was a senior in high school. It might have been when the family got together for my graduation. I remember that my boyfriend was with us, and we were at a restaurant, and there was some poor drunk who kept lurching from his table to the loo and back again. Every so often he'd start singing "Everything is Beautiful". For months after that, all we'd have to do to get a laugh is to break into song...

    Love that pink sock. It reminds me of melted Neapolitan ice cream.

  4. Ileana4:30 PM

    Hi, i just have to ask about that little container you have for your yarn. I've never seen one before. Did you make it yourself or buy it somewhere?


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