Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday thoughts

1. Sunsets still make me pause and enjoy. The colors and shapes, the way it changes so quickly with each minute that passes.

2. For 30 years I used to eat breakfast every morning at the kitchen table and now I just have a few cups of tea at work and look forward to lunch. I love to sleep in more than I miss a bowl of cereal.

3. Random thoughts constantly run through my head. Ideas come and go. Maybe someday I will write a book to make some sense of it all or at least just keep a private journal of thoughts.

4. Most non-knitters think that knitters are all alike. The knitters I know are like snowflakes. Similar but so different from each other but each with its own beauty.

5. I hope to realize as many of my long term wants that I’ve put off doing for whatever reason.

a. Spin luxury fiber on my new yet to be purchased wheel.
b. Take fencing lessons and test the theory that left handers and tall people have an advantage.
c. Enroll in a rowing class to someday race singles in Newport Back Bay
d. Take a sailing class..
e. Make Ballroom dancing a reality instead of just watching “Shall We Dance” while living vicariously through Mr. Clark’s character.
f. Write a song that I can play on my guitar that requires me to expand my skills.

6. Love is best shared without any expectations.


  1. Great thoughts and goals! I zeroed in on the spinning one -- glad the bug has bit you. I have an Ashford Joy which is perfect for me, portable, pretty, lots of accessories available, good variation in drive ratios, felt right when I treadled it. I also like the action of the Lendrum but it's not as compact and looks too modern for me. Happy shopping!

  2. I just want to say you rock Jerry!

  3. Have you seen the original "Shall We Dance" in Japanese? It's so good that I haven't bothered to watch the American version.


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