Thursday, November 01, 2007

"Dude looks like a lady"

OK before we start I must give some warning to what you may see. Lots of pictures and some silly stuff. Some of the pictures are not for the weak either. Just consider this your warning to run away and not scar your memory for life :P

As I have alluded to recently the OC PubKnitters were having their Halloween Party/potluck/yarn swap last night and I think everyone had a wonderful time. The usual suspects were there with a few bonus attendees.

Bree was gracious enough to host this event and what a wonderful home, so open and comfortable.

Mrs. Twisted and I had lots of fun just creating the costumes and she had more fun watching the transformation. When you think of a knitter or should I say when most people (non-knitters) think of a knitter, the general consensus is an old woman or someones grandmother. I'm about as far from that stereotype as you can get. Well not tonight.

Enough dancing around and avoiding the bad pictures. I know if I didn't post, these would show up on at least two other blogs. I wanted to take the offensive instead of after I get a few e-mails.

Now stop laughing and we'll continue. The chiffon dress was a thrift store find and I thought it was almost mother of the bride quality. My colors though wouldn't you say? The necklace, earrings and chest enhancement support device were courtesy of Mrs. Twisted. The rest was my doing. I was going for the Thelma Harper from Mama's Family TV show staring Vicky Lawrence, but it looked more like Bea Arthur's Maude.

I have very large feet and the shoes were my first concern. Not many woman wear a Men's size 15. I know I could have driven to Los Angeles and found a place that caters to the kind of clientele that enjoys dressing from the other gender but I was going for cheap. These shoes were also from the thrift store and only cost $1.95 Maybe a size too small but semi-functional. My first question was how do women walk in these shoes with hosiery on because the shoes were constantly trying to squirt off my feet. I wear thongs and now the sub conscious scrunch your toes to keep the sandals on but that didn't work because the hose made my feet so slippery. Next was the look I wanted. I always loved the support hose knee highs that Thelma wore. Classic look for a grandma. Problem was I couldn't find the orthopedic version in the local CVS/Wallgreens, so I thought I need to make something look like them. I found some queensize knee highs in white and taupe and bought a pair each. The white ones first and the taupe over the top to give the look of the real thing. The natural roll down exposed the white tops and was perfect. $0.49 a pair, what a deal!

Mrs. Twisted gets the props for the make-up. I just sat in the kitchen (our best light with the most room) while she worked her magic. A little primping and we grabbed the enchiladas for the potluck and our knitting stuff and headed out the door. The statement about the shoes was a precursor to near tragedy when I lost a shoe and almost took a header down the stairs. Walk like a lady or to the best of my abilities or you may die tonight lol. I composed myself and made it to the car. Problem #2.... How do you get into a low car without showing the world your business? I'm not Paris Hilton, I care about my modesty or at least I thought I did. I reached between my legs and grabbed the dress pinched it closed and slid in. Not bad I thought. Not the classiest move I ever made but it worked.

Mrs. Twisted went as (Tineola bisselliella) The Clothing Moth from my stash. We both tried to keep the knitting theme and she wanted something simple, one escapade is enough for the night.

On the way over to Bree's we're driving along and stop at a signal and realize I look like a really ugly old woman. Not to make eye contact with the big four wheel drive truck next to us with the young boys I get into character. I took on the look of Cruella DeVille without the fur. Hunched over and focused on the road ahead. Mrs. Twisted was laughing so hard I can't believe she was able to take the picture. The the music on the radio changed. The song from Mrs. Doubtfire, Aerosmith "dude looks like a Lady" comes on and we both bust out laughing. I thought I looked more like "lady looks like a dude"...

Chris and Gaby were already there as well as Amanda from the UCI S&B group well Amanda was also in the ATS group too. We all knit in so many different groups

Amanda a true Canadian came in complete costume dressed as a hockey player. Stick and All. What a trouper she even had the pads and wore the helmet until dinner.

Amanda putting some finishing touches on her salad before dinner.

I love this picture because it shows Amanda with her huge hockey gloves trying to point to what button to use on her digital camera for Megann.

Chris took the picture of the group before Carolyn and Michelle arrived.
L to R Megann, Mrs Twisted, Mr Twisted, Gaby, Bree, Amanda

Here is Megann and Gaby. I'm not sure who took the fuzzy picture.

Mr. & Mrs Twisted

Gaby and Chris

Some shots of Bree looking cute as ever.

Michelle from the Laguna Beach Knitters Guild and Chris

Carolyn, Amanda, Bree and Mrs Twisted eating before the big yarn swaparoo.

Some of us actually did some knitting.

A few too many silly pictures or scary, you decide. Remember I warned you....

Look at that mustache, what a man! No wait, that's a woman.

Grandma Raising the roof

This is what was literally on the table for the yarn swap.

Jo Sharp Cashmere/silk blend, Lobster pot Whale of a skein, Sweet Georgia sock yarn, Woolly Boully sock yarn, Harry Potter Sock club yarn, and lots of other indie yarns or other things bursting from all of our stashes. Megann, how could you tease me with the Zen semi-solid pink for 3 weeks and not bring any yarn? Just kidding .. Besides, I understand not enough time to gather the stuff. I took us over an hour to come up with what we could part with.

Here is what we came away with.

Jo Sharp Sock kit. Alpaca/ silk/ cashmere

Harry Potter Sock club Colorway Sorcerer's Stone

The impossible to obtain Sweet Georgia Superwash sock yarn colorway Orchid I think

Plucky Knitter 80/20 Merino cashmere in colorway "Clipper"

I must say when we swap yarn it's not the typical LYS variety yarns on the block. We each took a few minutes to describe the items one by one. Content and details.

We all had a wonderful time. The Christmas party is going to be the 2nd week of December for all of you local knitters who read my blog. You know that you are all invited, the more the merrier.

All that's left besides a few pictures that will never see the light of day or at least I hope so...
Question #3 or problem #3 How can you go all day supporting that weight hanging from your chest? My back began to hurt about 2 hours into this night. I do appreciate the trials of being a lady with a little more sympathy. I was very happy to return to being a man last night. My hats off to you ladies who carry yourself with such class and grace. I wasn't even going to attempt heels.
Hey we all need to laugh once in a while. I'm not afraid to take a poke at myself and it was all in good fun. I think it was a little funny that when Bree's parents came home about 10:00 PM neither one of them would make eye contact with me.
Thank's again Bree for hosting the party it was soooooo much fun! and thanks to all of you who attended. Some of you we'll see tonight.

Life Is Good


  1. I have been so looking forward to these photos...LOL!
    Looks like you all had a great time. The costumes were great...granny turned out even better than I expected and I love Mrs Twisted's dress. I have laughed so much and now have that song stuck in my head..."Dude looks like a lady..."

  2. Anonymous3:49 PM

    You look FABULOUS!!!! love the pictures - your post was just what I needed today - thanks :-)

  3. OMG, this post cracked me up. And dude, you make a damn fine grandma.

    Happy Dias de los Muertos to you and Mrs. T!

  4. wow! You look raelly like a lady.
    It looks like you all had a great time!

  5. Anonymous4:17 PM


  6. It was an awesome party, thanks for inviting me!

  7. OH Soooo Cute Jerry!!
    Remind me my grandma...HAHAHAH
    Youguys did great party and great yarn swap!

    JUST Reminder!
    On Nov 18 at Hissy knit, We are having other place together a big ART TOUR around LA and other all over the area..about 50 to 100 people shows up...Ann what some help show people how to knit..It will spinning demo, dyeing, video and knitted item people to show up! It will be great to you be here and knit with us and help teach other people! It will be a fair...planning to set up frount of the yarn shop!
    If you like demo some socking knitting to everyone!

    If you like email to Ann go to Hissy web site email to her!


  8. Anonymous2:38 AM

    Hey sexy....can I take you out on a date???? You're hot!!!! ROFLMAO

  9. Oh my. You looked fabulous! Great job, and looks like it was a fun party!

  10. Mrs. Grandma?!9:51 AM

    ah hah hah! Dang sexy. Just not my type...:P!

  11. You ask how we manage [and generally make it look easy]. That's worthy of a blog post, but the Readers Digest version is that it sneaks up on us, and we have time to adapt. You guys don't wake up one morning singing bass and able to bench-press a VW. We aren't born with Barbie-feet and the ability to exit a Miata.

    [And there are those of us who have lived long enough that things are getting creaky, so we know not to get into a Miata in the first place, LOL.]

    Echoing Melanie: now I have that song stuck in *my* head, to.

  12. lol Dude really DOES look like a lady! (Thanks I have that song stuck in my head as well)

    You look great!

  13. You made me laugh so much I need some more painkillers!!


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