Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving (were going on a road trip) Yes that means yarn shopping!!!! :)

I hope all of you have a wonderful and joyous Thanksgiving. Like most people, I do a lot of reflecting and pondering about life and the holiday season just cranks up the memory machine for me. I think back to all the Thanksgivings we had when I was a young boy. So vivid and lifelike are the images in my head. The perfect Turkey, home made pumpkin pies with home made crust that we made together. We had a round table with a clear Lucite top and it was one of the few times each year that we would bring out the "Lazy Susan". Never did understand the reason for the name but I won't digress at this juncture. Oh yes back to the story… My parents wanted a round table so we could all see each others faces when we talked at dinner. As the years went on and we all grew up, dinner conversations were often very open and opinionated between my oldest brother trying to convince my conservative father that he was wrong. Politics and religion and the end of the Vietnam War were easy buttons for the oldest brother to push. This was the late 60’s and early 70’s here. Yes I’m that old……. Mom would interject and change topics when she was tired of the rhetoric. How many of you are old enough to remember the movie “Yours, Mine, and Ours” with Lucile Ball and Henry Fonda. That was the only place I saw someone else use a Lazy Susan till much later in my life. We never really used it so I would always have to wash the individual dishes that would hold the pickles, olives, carrots and such. I wonder if my father still has that. A little detour down memory lane…..

Tomorrow we are going on a little trip, Flying to San Francisco in the very early morning and driving north to see the sights. Debbie has never seen Mt Shasta or Mt Hood or the Pacific Northwest. We will drive as far as Portland Oregon and maybe venture to Seattle if the time and mood strikes. Probably stop at Portland and see Seattle next time. The Glass Museum is one of our goals in Tacoma. Woodland Woolworks outside of Portland has an extensive selection of spinning wheels so I can try them side by side. And last but not least we are making a stop to see a wonderful lady in southern Oregon, Punkin who is going to join us at her local yarn store. We plan to have brunch and maybe a walk through the park and chit chat. We have been looking forward to meeting her in person since we made plans a few months ago. I will try to blog and read my e-mails while I’m on the road and rest assured we will have lots to share and beautiful pictures to remember the trip by.
Happy Thanksgiving to all

Mr. & Mrs. Twisted


  1. Have a safe trip and a wonderful time. Happy Thanksgiving to you both!

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  3. Please give Punkin an extra hug from me! Happy Thanksgiving, all y'all!

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    What?! You never told me you were coming up here! Or did you ? : /


  5. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your trip!

  6. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe and beautiful travels!!!

  7. Portland is the best. I'm originally Salem (an hour south of Portland) so I know the area well. Woodland Woolworks is a great place.. especially for spinning things :) I hope you guys have a great time. You will LOVE the glass museum in Tacoma. My MIL lives right by it and I make sure to visit the museum every time I go there. Gotta love some Chihuly!

  8. I am sorry for my delay in commenting, but I have been busy but catching up today! I love all the cities and have been on road trips this year to almost all the places you went. I can't wait to read about your fun times!


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