Monday, November 26, 2007

Day Two of our Oregon Adventure.

This was a very special day. You know when you share a connection with others that just feels good. Mrs. Twisted and I have been corresponding with Punkin for over a year in blog comments and an occasional e-mail and recently with Ravelry messages, what a wonderful lady. Her projects always inspire us to try new things. We met for breakfast in a little place that was cozy and friendly and the food was simple but spot on wonderful. If you ever have the chance to go through town here is your place for a good breakfast the Breadboard . They have a sun room and it felt so good to feel the warmth and it just made the room glow. Without ever talking about it, we both brought hand made gifts for each other. She brought some tea cups hand thrown by her son for us. Thank you "Sky"

We both enjoy tea in the morning or evening to relax with while we knit and or snuggle on the couch. The conversation was natural and so easy because it felt like we were long time friends. We ate a wonderful breakfast and talked for over an hour and decided to head over to Websters in Ashland
Mrs. Twisted picked up a set of sock blockers a couple hanks of Noro Cash Iroha and I picked up a hank of Manos for the rug project. This shop is so beautiful and the front of the shop had hand made garments and weavings made from luxury fiber. There was lots of fiber in all price and project ranges
After our little shopping trip we walked over to the park just off the square and sat by a pond and just sat and knit for a little while.

What a joy to have someone that Mrs. Twisted & I have so much in common with. We talked about spinning and she was curious as to my decision after this trip because she knew I was going to Woodland Woolworks the next day. She went couple weeks earlier to try out all the wheels side by side.It was in the low 40’s while we were there. Burrrrrrrrrrr!! The pond was partially covered in ice but a family of ducks were still swimming around. We cheese it up for the camera a little bit.

There was a snowball floating in the middle of the pond and I wondered where is came from, there were remains of some snow in the shade but only a slight dusting. The path was calling us to take a walk and the park was full of people enjoying the day off and there were the Frisbee players and the fellow walkers enjoying the brisk temps. I learned that Lithia Park is home to a natural spring that had the 2nd highest concentrations of lithium in the country. I guess everyone is on an even keel here. There is a wadding pool for warmer weather. While walking through the park we saw an outdoor ice skating rink full of locals and visitors. No Mr Twisted didn’t try it out. My bones hurt too much when I fall. This stature was in front of the theatre but there was something wrong. I noticed at a great distance that the head and body were of different scales. We saw up close that it was broken off at some time and repaired in 1992 with a different head. Time was flying by because we just talked like old friends but it was getting late and we wanted to hit Portland that night. So we hugged and said our good byes and parted. What a really special time with a wonderful lady!! We discussed meeting at Stitches West next February, hope we can meet up there too.


  1. Anonymous1:32 PM

    I hope this was just the first of many times that we get to spend time together.

  2. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Woooo! Stitches West! I hope I can go again this year...I am going to be much more prepared this time :)


  3. a lovely way to spend time with our beloved.


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