Saturday, November 24, 2007

Oregon Visit part 1

Day one of the Trip that almost didn't happen

We had some excitement at the airport. Arived in time to make the plane but they changed gates after we made it through inspection. So after a quick inquiry at the TSA counter we took the tunnel to the other terminal and made it to the gate in time ( 5 mins to spare). so close to just going home but we made it. We relaed and enjoyed the 70 minute flight with a little knitting on the way.

We had a little issue with SFO airport because the car rental was off site the the sky tram kept breaking down but we finally made it. I saw this plane on the tarmac as we waited for them to fix the tram. Never seen a Salmon on a plane before. gives a new meaning to Flying Fish? Was that a rim shot? Ba da bump :)

If you have any thoughts of running from the police in San Fransisco think again. We saw this parked in the parking lot of the McDonald's where we tried to get a quick breakfast.
Sorry Stacy we didn't think you wanted to get up really early on Thanksgiving morning for a quick visit as we were trying to escape the city for points north. We both wondered if Randy was up putting the turkey in the oven though. :)

No not this really, even though you don't want to see this in your mirror.

Not going to out run this car.

Added the GPS that I brought and plugged in my MP3 player and we were set. I didn't leave the MP3 player on the dash it was just there for photo purposes.

The goal was to escape before the traffic got bad. We hit a little traffic about an hour north of the city just before the interchange to I-5.

I love to read the bumper stickers on cars in traffic and this one made me wonder, was this person a sheep for putting this on his car? You know he wasn't the first one to put the sticker on his bumper.

This was Mrs Twisted's first trip north of San Fransisco so it was just fun to see her face as the scenery changed.

From Farm land to olive and almond groves. We finally see Mt Shasta but we are almost a hundred miles away.

From what we could see of Shasta Lake, it was about 15 feet lower than normal. The drought is still pretty serious here.

Higher and higher into the trees and we get to see the mountain as we weave through the hills blocking the snow capped peak.

Not too bad through the windshield zoomed in a little. When it looks like we can get a good picture, I pull off into the next rest area and we stretch a bit.

Our little red rental car

Then a little zoom and the mountain feels closer

and in the same place but now it fills the shot with just a little more zoom. Love the camera!

OK I know it's just a mountain but it was so much fun to share this with Mrs. Twisted as we would see it get closer and closer and then repeatedly lose sight between the mountains until we were in the valley just in front of it.

It's 37 deg F and I'm outside in the cold after filling the gas tank in plaid Dad comfy shorts. I love to drive in comfort but it was really cold here.

We arrived in Ashland just before dark and what a wonderful little town. It reminded us both of Stars Hallow.

More to come... We visited a blog friend for the first time. Did some shopping and enjoyed the little town so much!

Thank you Punkin!


  1. You're traveling through my old stomping grounds. I grew up in Boise; my sister lives near Seattle, and my best friend from high school lived near Vancouver [WA, not BC] for many years.

    Have fun in Punkinland today!

  2. Anonymous5:36 PM

    I always thought that Randy and I would make it north of here at some point while we were up here. Doesn't look like it's going to happen. Gorgeous mountain photos.

    Btw, I cooked the entire Thanksgiving dinner except for the mashed potatoes this time :)


  3. Lovely photos. I'm glad you'r both having a good trip- you deserve it!

  4. I loved that drive as well. I hope you enjoy it. My husband and I both love the road trips and our honeymoon was one as well.

    I can't believe you said Stars Hallow! I got my husband (you heard right) the entire set of Gilmore Girls for Christmas. He is going to be very happy about that. I thought he was the only man to love that show!


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