Sunday, November 04, 2007

Our Sunday Excursion...

It's Sunday, so Mrs. Twisted and I were off to the Southern California Handweavers' Guild "Weaving & Fiber Festival (WeFF)"Annual Autumn Show & Sale at the Torrance Cultural Center. Three rooms chalk full of weaving, spinning and fiber of all kinds. Newton's Yarn Country had a large display in the first room we walked through. Yes the sign on the wall says $4.00 yarn.

Even for a cone, only $4.00.

What did we buy? Nothing from here. We didn't see anything that we just had to have and it was mostly cotton and acrylic so we passed it by this time.

So many weaving looms and styles I've never even seen before. I realized when I got home that I was so intrigued that I didn't take any pictures of the various looms in action.

The second room had a good friend of ours positioned in a prime location with her booth full of beautiful fiber and roving.

Lori Lawson of Capistrano Fiber Arts. Sorry for the poor photo Lori.

Lori and Margie working the booth. They were so busy in the booth the first time through the room that we just said hi and thought we would come back after we had finished the show to chitty chat. Nice to see her booth so full of people.

I would have linked to Margie's blog but it looks like she is blogless or so it seems.

In the third room we found lots and lots of roving and more roving. I spoke to a lady who had the prettiest electric purple roving. She teaches spinning and dying and various fiber arts. Each booth we stopped at had so much beautiful roving. I love talking to all the various people because they each had their own "spin" on color and style. Sorry for the bad pun but it just slipped out.

This is what we came home with.

$8.00 for 4 oz of Superwash merino roving in "Tequila Sunrise"

This was the Sunday sunset. You should have seen it 5 minutes earlier while I was scrambling to find the camera.

Life Is Good


  1. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Looks like a fun Sunday. The roving is beautiful. I want to buy fiber/roving really bad, but I told myself to wait. waiting .. waiting...

  2. I totally missed the festival. I thought yesterday was the 5th. Having such a hectic week last week made me totally confused on my timeline. Are you heading up to spin with Rainwood at Fairfax on Saturday? Wanna share a ride?

  3. Looks like we missed again...a few friends and I were at the fiber fest, too, but we didn't see you. And you know what? Tequila Sunrise came home with me, too. What a hussy. (I also bought a bunch of stuff from Lori, too.)

    Pretty pink sock!

  4. i want to go, i want to go.....


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