Saturday, June 16, 2007

Attention Yarn Connoisseurs

Last night ( Thursday) I joined a very exclusive sock club. A month or so ago a wonderful friend of mine mentioned she was going to be part of a special sock club. Lori Lawson talked about this group of fiber artist who were going to be responsible for one installment each. Well now.... You know I love special yarn. You all know I had to join but it took a little justifying but I took the plunge because my Posh sock club ended and she wasn't going to continue the sock club.

Ok the details. It's only open to 60 people, is this exclusive enough? I was informed this morning by Linda at The Yarn Tree I was # 56 on the list. Four more spots open for you sock knitting fanatics who loves to knit with exclusive hand dyed fiber.

Here is a partial list of the dyers who will be participating:

Schaefer Yarns – Known for their sock yarn “Anne.” Cheryl Schaefer will create an “Anne” colorway just for the club!

Hand Jive – Darlene Hayes is a natural dyer – for those of you who haven’t experienced her Nature’s Palette™ sock yarn – this is your opportunity!

Chasing Rainbows – Nancy Finn loves color and you will see this in her exclusive offering.

Thirteen Mile Lamb & Wool Co. – Organic sport weight yarn spun on the ranch, dyed with natural dyes by Katey Plymesser – Yummy!!

Capistrano Fiber Arts - Lori Lawson lives in Southern California and her color sense reflects the beauty of her surroundings.

And our final guest artist is to be announced!

Registration will be open until June 15th, 2007. We expect the first sock yarn to be shipped the first week of August, 2007. Then we will ship as follows:
1st week of October, 2007
1st week of December, 2007
1st week of February, 2008
1st week of April, 2008
The last shipment will go out the first week of June 2008. .

Who will the last guest fiber artist/dyer spot go to? Maybe the dye master at Koigu? Maybe Catherine Kerth from Moma Llama??? hmmmm How about Dee at Posh Yarns? Cant wait to find out.

You know who you are out there. I know I'm not alone in this quest for the best sock yarn. No I'm not getting compensated for promoting the sock club, I just want to share it and let you have the chance to join me in the adventure.
Linda said that she would hold it open a bit longer to fill the last 4 spots.


  1. Hi, found you through your comment on Punkin's blog.

    So who taught whom to knit, you or Mrs. Twisted? Or was it something you stumbled onto together?

  2. Anonymous10:38 PM

    I bebopped over to thank you for visiting my blog and to answer your questions.

    Kids in Mexico - They will be there for about 6 days, just enough time to finish a few small, simple houses.

    Mountain Colors - I knitted a sample sock for the LYS out of this and it was wonderful. When I saw that the 3 cakes of yarn in that baggy had the same colors I had used for knitting the sample I grabbed it quick. This yarn is a heavy sock yarn, though. I am thinking maybe a wrap.

    I think there was another question but I forgot what it was. I hope you two have had a fabulous weekend. I pictured you knitting at a park by the water.


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