Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I didn't have to do Laundry after all

It was a good day today. I finished my lunch reading book. I know most of you knit during lunch but I prefer to eat and it's hard to eat and knit at the same time. I take my hour and decompress while I eat, read, and listen to my MP3 player. So I began reading a series of books by Lee Child with the Jack Reacher character in them. (check the sidebar I know I need to update it) This was #3 in the series. If you are a reader you know the feeling of finishing a good book. Sort of a happy it's over and sad that you cant continue.

When I got home we decided to go shopping and not for Yarn... Mrs. Twisted heard about this store that was a discount sort of place. Nothing over $20.00 Steve And Barry. http://www.steveandbarrys.com/ NBA star Stephon Marbury has his basketball shoes here for $15.95 not $150.00 like the other players shoes. Yes he wears the $15.00 shoes. Sarah Jessica Parker has a line of clothes for the ladies and girls too. And like I said nothing over $20.00. I found 3 pairs of shorts ( dark, khaki, and plaid) 3 button down semi-dress/casual shirts, one polo, two tee's. plus can you believe this? drum roll please.... Two pair of shoes in size US 15/Eur49 for less than $138. for the whole lot. I've paid more than that for a pair of good sneakers. Look out Old Navy and Anchor Blue.We stopped in Ross on the way out of the mall and bought some socks and I realized I didn't have to do laundry tonight after all.


  1. Hey thanks for that shopping tip! I hesitantly clicked the link and lo and behold, there's actually a Steve and Barry's not 10 minutes from us - here in the land of "no, we don't have that location." I'll have to check it out, Mr. Inky wears a 13 shoe and of course, I'll be needing affordable clothing soon enough!!

  2. thought i'd check in ... i'm up late dyeing.....
    A steve and barry's went up about 8 months ago here in katy.... Love it! you should see it in the fall before school starts!

    Chris does ALL the laundry in our house.... its really nice not to have to worry about it... do you do it for both you and the Mrs.?

  3. This is great!I does all the laundry at as. My husband work all day and he
    doing nothing much from the housework. My mother is great help to me, but sometimes I wish that he also doing something at home !Here, in Croatia has a lot of favorably things but the assortment is miserable! when you wont to buy something quality this is very expensive!

  4. Anonymous4:12 PM

    There aren't any S&B's up here, but I'm planning on going the next time I am down there.



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