Monday, June 25, 2007

Of Man Thongs and Shakespeare

You're probably thinking, how could these two things go together but it was the highlights and low lights of the last two Saturdays. I have heard numerous people comment on here or in person that they love the pictures on this blog. Well............ As luck would have it this was the ONE day we didn't have the trusty digital camera with us for all of our sakes. Someone must have been looking out for the delicate sensibilities of my readers.

Last week I eluded to a fun a Saturday but a lack of time kept me from posting till now. We picked up an order of Bunny Hop baby yarn in the morning at one of our LYS (Yarn store #1) and Swung past A Mano Yarn Center (yarn store #2) on the way to The Santa Monica Jewelry Show. The stop at A Mano was to pick up some Manos that was 50% off that I needed for my never ending mitered rug. Annette was so sweet to put it aside for me. The Jewelry show was very slow in comparisons to shows of recent history. There was a highlight in this one booth that always has the highest quality gems, they had a a selection of loose stones and there was this brilliant 3.1 carat green tourmaline in a "kite" cut. First I've never seen a Kite cut and the stone was just radiant beyond belief. Not sure if it was the cut or the stone or a combination but WOW! I couldn't take pictures even if I did have the camera because the jewelers are not happy to see someone taking pictures of their designs. Mrs. Twisted was there to find some Graduation presents for some relatives back east. One pink Rhodochrosite bracelet and one Goldstone bracelet. Two different girls with two different frames of reference, both really special in our hearts. Oh Mrs. Twisted picked up a Tiger Eye, blue lace Agate and gold stone bracelets for herself.

We proceeded to Santa Monica Beach and found a nice place to knit in an elevated park overlooking the sand just south of the pier. An hour later the desires for some deep fried dipped meat products had us walking to the original Hot Dog-on-a-Stick shack nestled by the pier. That's when it got weird, we see this guy was about 20 yards in front of us slowly walking up the "boardwalk" in a yellow tank and a Thong. Yes a man in a thong, I told you there was a reason we forgot the camera. We were amused by the people coming the other way. As they passed the laughter and disbelief was non-stop. As we waited for our corn dog he continued walking and we though the show was over. As we finished our batter wrapped heart-attack-on-a-stick I looked up and there he was again and right in front of Mrs. Twisted and then he bent over to pick up something just as she turned to catch the full moon. Not a pretty sight nor one of our visually friendly but memorable field trips.

Fast forward one week, We napped a little this last Saturday and got out of the house in the early evening and drove North to San Pedro. We wanted to check out the harbour but quickly realized that the cruise ships left on Friday night.

Well, we drove to the end of Pt Fermin and pulled over when we saw a stage and an audience.

Always game for some free entertainment and realized we were going to see "the Merchant of Venice" by Shakespeare.

The actors would sometime wait in the rear of the audience to walk on stage and this guy graciously posed for a picture for me. What fun they had, Some of the actors looked like they were having a really good time and the audience laughed along with the light hearted but well produced show. I even worked on my knitting until it became too dark to see the stitches but I must say, I prefer the snuggling under a blanket and sharing some culture over the FULL MOON from last Saturday.

Shakespeare By The Sea has been doing these shows for 10 years now and it was quite good. Well good enough for us to consider going back next week to see "Taming of the Shrew"


  1. Mrs. Twisted11:38 AM


    We DO so love our CUL-CHAH, don't we darling? :)

  2. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Shakespeare in the park sounds like a delightful way to spend the evening. Taming of the Shrew was the first play I saw at the Shakespearean Theatre in Ashland. I would love to see that again.

    Thongs as beachwear - I have one thing to say, it is kind of crude - I just hope they have good hygiene. nuff said. Well, actually I could say more but I won't.


  3. how awesome is that! you guys stumble on some really neat adventures! and the light hose pictures is gorgeous!


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