Monday, June 04, 2007

A wonderful weekend for a Father

Watching your kids move through different places in life really gets you to reflect on life in general. My first born turned 18 in April and on Friday graduated High School. It seemed like he was just a baby and then the first day of kindergarten, then watching them grow little by little. Science fairs and little league, first dances, learning to drive, then the prom. Today I saw him for the first time as a man. He plans on spending the Summer working at a local hardware store and heading for a University in the fall. Someday he may become a doctor(his goal, not mine). No pressure from Dad, he puts the pressure on himself.

I flew out the night before and met my son for a late night chat that went into the early morning before we gave in to the requirements for sleep. My Dad and his wife arrived the morning of the graduation by train and it was quite fun to have the three generations together. Distance makes it hard to see them as often as I like but we make the best of it and cherish the time we do share.

Proud grandparents

We went to dinner after the graduation for the little gifts and bonding and then he was off to Grad Night.

I got him a new laptop to start school in the Fall.

I'm always surprised at the changes in them between visits and this was no different. My youngest turned 15 in February and is growing into a beautiful young woman.

After I dropped my son off for Grad night My daughter and I went to the mall to do some shopping because what 15 year old girl doesn't like to shop for clothes and she knows I love to shop with her. What a great day!

The next day I picked up my daughter and we went to the local park for a little catch. We both love to play catch with each other. If you had kids in softball or baseball you may have enjoyed this time to just toss the ball and talk about anything. We used to use this as OUR time since she was a pitcher and we would practice for hours.

Now it's just our time. She is playing catcher on the varsity team in her freshman year with girls three years her senior and making her dad proud.

I take advantage of the time we spend and she asked for some driving lessons so we drove to the now vacant High School parking lot and she was loving every second. (I was too) She loved the rent-a-car.

A quick picture of the family before I was off to the airport to fly home to my loving wife that evening.

I'm the old guy on the far right in black. I feel small at 6'5" next to my son who is 6'10" and a solid 300 lbs.

It always amazes me that 20 miles from Phoenix it looks like you are in the middle of nowhere. Saguaro cacti and scrub brush for as far as you can see.

I'll close with some insight I shared with my son. I printed a copy and left it on the keyboard after reading it he crushed me with a hug. What a wonderful weekend!

When You Live
Live With Your Soul, Not With Your Time
When You Love
Love With Your Heart, Not With Your Mind
When You Want To Be Something The World Can Define
Open Your Eyes


  1. Jerry, you are such a great guy!! Your kids are beautiful and many big congrats to the new graduate. 6'10", wow, and Mr. Inky is 6'3" and I strain to look up to him sometimes!

  2. Mrs. Twisted10:50 AM

    You brought tears to my eyes honey. What a beautiful post...:)

  3. Thanks Inky, never prouder since their birth. I never thought I would feel small standing next to my own kids but now I know how my Dad feels.

  4. I'm shore that you have a great weekend. I can see the flashing in your eyes! Your kids are great, my daughter is almost 13, the girls in that age are almost young women! It`s nice to have a good children! Have a nice day!

  5. Anonymous3:21 PM

    You have beautiful kids. They look like they have good hearts like their father.

  6. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Holy hell your son is tall!!!!

    What a nice post :)


  7. My dh is graduating, too. It's a time of many transitions. Thanks for your lovely post.

  8. What a lovely family you have. No wonder you are proud of them. The light just shines out of them :D

    That's a lot of 'feet' you all have!!

  9. Congratulations to all. Your post brought tears to my eyes. My kids are 21, 13 and 6 and sometimes, I cannot believe how fast the time goes and how quickly they are growing . . .

    . . . did you write the insight? Can I borrow it.


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