Monday, June 18, 2007

My Seven things MEME

I guess I need to answer the tags I have received in the last few weeks. It looks like I have been tagged 5 or six times so here goes my 7 facts about me- Interesting? You decide.

  1. I have been told I'm the "noticer guy." What is the noticer guy? Well we could be driving down the street and pass some gas station and not only would I notice the color and year of the red 67 Corvette getting gas but I would also notice what book the person in the passenger seat was reading. This is a long term affliction. I used to notice the TV show inconsistencies to the point that my Mom would threaten to turn off the TV if I didn't shut up. Mrs. Twisted thinks I should work for the TV or Movie companies as boo-boo finder.

  2. I have an affinity for the color purple. Also a long time passion, I have a picture of me holding a purple cake just prior to my 4th birthday. Too bad it's the early 60's and we only had a B&W Kodak Instamatic and didn't even know what color pictures were yet besides at the Movies. Too all you youngins out there this was even before we had Color TV in our living room too. My mother mixed the food colors to come up with the lilac color. If you know me personally you see little signs of purple here and there. OK maybe a billboard or two hahahaha.

  3. I learned to play guitar at age 43. I've wanted to play guitar since buying a beautiful new Fender Statocaster at age 16 and giving up after 4 or 5 lessons. I wish I still had that guitar but I sold it to pay for a repair on my dirt bike. Fast forward 25 years and Mrs. Twisted and I were talking about life dreams and expressed my desire to play guitar and she encouraged me to pursue my dreams. This put me in research mode for almost a year to find the perfect guitar(see #4). I now have three different guitars and love music more because of it.

  4. I'm borderline obsessive. I dab my toes over the line once in awhile. Whenever I buy a major item camera, guitar, car, or any item with much potential impact on my life I look in magazines and online for all the reviews and try to get all the info I can so I can make an informed decision. This may take a few weeks to almost a year to a year depending on the amount of data. When I learned to knit, I dove in head first devoured all the material I could find. I learned fiber types and content and now this has progressed to obtaining hand dyed yarn from all the specialty fiber artist. If you have seen my fiber inventory list in Excel you have a mild idea of my obsessions :)

  5. I carry Hot sauce when I travel back east.
    I know this may not seem like much, but I love food with some spice and flavor. My sauce of choice is Tapatio. A few years ago, well pre-non liquid ban, I used to carry my own bottle with me and now I have found it in little packets like ketchup. Mrs. Twisted's family now has a bottle of hot sauce waiting for me when we visit. :)

  6. I was raised in a house without gender bias.
    I was the third son and my Mom never had her little girl so We all were exposed to the things that girls typically learn. I was raised being taught that men and women were both capable of all things if you want it bad enough. Consequently I know how to Grocery Shop like a psycho with menus and coupons, cook, clean, do laundry, sew, and shop for almost any item on a budget. Christmas shopping for me is almost an Olympic Sport.

  7. I met my life long musical Idol Elvis Costello a few years ago. I was a fan of his back in the late 70's and followed his careerand continued to love his music even as he blurred the lines between music genres.

  8. I would list an 8th but that might be obsessive. :))

    If you are reading this and you have not been tagged yet, then consider this your tag.


  1. Mrs. Noticer Guy1:31 PM

    and don't think that I don't sometimes want to tell you to be quiet when you are "noticing" stuff either! A huge bonus to being your wife is that I notice more now too. :)

  2. Anonymous10:50 PM

    I practice noticing sometimes. I try to see things for what they are instead of what I perceive them to be. I worked in banking years ago and we had training from a detective on how to accurately 'see' things.

    You asked about hand winding versus a ball winder. It is economics. Although, I have come to appreciate winding the balls by hand. I enjoy the feel of the yarn. Next up - I am trying to convert a bicycle wheel into a swift.

  3. I heard Elvis recently on NPR and was surprised at the change in music styles. Loved it as much as anything he's done.

  4. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Glad I could help out with #7 ;)



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