Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'ts better to give than receive.....

How many of you out there participate in the secret pal exchanges and especiallySecret Pal 10? I really enjoy the whole secret part of the Pal. The stealthy lurking Oh and any reason to shop just make this much more fun. Some of you may already know my giftee for this round, Moma Llama. She was presented to me as Catherine as it's given on her blog. As I read through her blog I learned of her dedication and love of her family and then realized that she was Mama Llama an independent yarn dyer. I thought I was in trouble here. How can you send a yarn dyer more yarn. Well, I thought let me step this up a notch and see what I can do. I thought who were my favorite fiber artist and maybe she would appreciate what I saw in them too. Readers of my blog have seen these names Posh Yarn and Capistrano Fiber Arts by Lori Lawson and I thought if she loves making socks she would love their wonderful sock fiber too. Her E-mail response said it all as with "Wowzers" in the subject line. Here is her Post for all you lurkers who love to read or just look at yarn pics.

As all good things come to an end the SP came to a close and I contacted her as myself. We exchanged a few e-mails and what a wonderful lady, loving wife and dedicated mother. Much to my surprise she asked us to do some testing of her newest yarn "squishy".
(80% Lambswool /10% Angora/10% Cashmere) We love the name and the fiber is amazing. Mrs. Twisted wanted to sleep with it because it was so soft. She sent some silk/cashmere as well for my fiber fix... Thank you Thank you Thank you. Catherine even asked me what colorway I would like and I selected Angelika because it looked like soft lady socks just waiting to be knit up. When he yarn arrived it looked so much more vibrant than the pictures on the net. I think you have a winner here Catherine.

I did take some outside too for a more real look.

How else to swatch sock yarn but to make a round swatch.....

What an incredible honor it is for her to ask us to do a test of her new yarn. Thank you Catherine!

I know I go a bit overboard with the SP stuff but I tend to be over the top with most everything else so why would this be different? Read my 7 things post for more clarification. :)

You know what? If you go into this just hoping to bring a smile and never expected anything more than a thank you, the rest is just icing on the yarn cake. I think the greatest gift is gaining a new knitting friendship. I can't wait for SP11 to start.


  1. glad you like it :) thanks for saying i'm such a dedicated mom (that was sweet) I've been quetioning my dedication ever since school let out ;) hehehe. No really I appreciate all the kidnest....New friends indeed!

  2. elayne alexander10:11 AM

    Hi Jerry, thanks for the lovely welcome you left me on lulu-bee.com. I am new to this game and stupidly left my reply back to you on my own site - duh! Anyway, it is great to no that you and your wife are into the same things as me. I also belong to 2 sock clubs - sundara and socks that rock. I have many socks on the needles, thank god that's not a crime - though it does tend to get expensive having to buy new needles in all the same sizes, again and again and again. LOL. All the best. Love your blog and all the news and links you have. ciao for now. elayne

  3. Hey Twisteds! You enablers, you! MORE amazing yarn sources. I love the idea of sleeping with the squishy. The other day labrat let me just sit with a skein of her cashmere sitting around my neck -- not knit up, just comforting and pretty, so I get it...

  4. Hey Mr. Twisted, That is so gorgeous yarn! So much so, that I went to her website (thanks for the link!) and bought some. It will make a gorgeous present for someone (perhaps me) someday. :-)

  5. *Gorgeous* yarn; next stop? Her website. Can't buy anything at the moment, but I sure can look! Thanks for the eye candy.


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