Monday, June 18, 2007

Life is good, Happy Fathers Day!

Busy weekend again, Saturday was fun at the Jewelry show in Santa Monica but that will be told later this week. This was Fathers Day so We each spoke to our respective Fathers first thing in the morning and my kids called to give wishes and we had the day to do with as we wanted. As usual Sunday was another beautiful day here in Southern Ca. Where do we go when the weather is nice? No not shopping, that was yesterday LOL. We went to the beach, our haven from the heat and hustle and bustle of life. The chairs are just left in the back of the car in case we happen to find an inviting spot any time but especially on the weekends. Today it was Crystal Cove State Park in Newport Coast between Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. It's a group of cottages that used to be occupied by squatters until the State came in some years back and took over the property. Now it's a State run group of cottages that you can rent for the night. Just a little overcast right at the waters edge but it was still nice.

The coastline here is a little rockier than what you usually see on Southern Ca beaches but it's still so pretty and the color of the water here is so pretty.

The light coming through the waves looked so pretty

We looked in the tide pools but there wasn't much wildlife.

We did see a lonely little crab.

The erosion made some neat overhangs on the cliffs. The sandstone washed away under making a shelf. You can even see cactus on the hills. Where else can you see cactus within feet of the ocean?

Have you ever seen a "Letterbox"? As we were walking down the beach we didn't see the hole in the rocks but on the way back Mrs. Twisted said look over there and I reached in and found a pleasent surprise. These are like clues that people leave for others when they go hiking. After reading the contents we learned about the huge number of these in Dartmoor National Park in Devon England. What a cool little discovery.

I guess this was started by someone from Canada but it looks like of of almost 5k of these all over North America We left our note and fingerprints using the stamp kit inside and put the box back in it's hidden spot for someone else to find.

I'm not sure what formed the round sandstone shapes this way but they remind me of little space ships that crashed from outer space.

Loving company, Quiet Beach, warm Sun, comfy chair, tunes from the MP3 player, sun screen, nice hat to keep the sun from my face, old school Ray Ban Wayfarers, cooler of drinks, purple hand dyed sock yarn and size 2 Holtz & Stein ebony DPNs. All the things I enjoy on my day off. Life is good.


  1. Hey Jerry, I love Crystal Cove. It's literally just down the hill from where I live so I'm there quite a bit. Love the letterboxing thingy. Love the sock!

  2. Anonymous1:01 PM

    I enjoyed the pictures very much. Those round rocks are unusual. I vaguely remember something about the letterbox thing but have never known anyone to find one. Fun!
    I thought of you guys knitting on the beach yesterday.

  3. Punkin,
    You were right on target. We are creatures of habit, but what a wonderful habit to have. We thought of you too when we saw the rocky coastline and remembered our brief trip into Oregon.

  4. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Once again, you are making me homesick ;)


  5. thats really neat! have you heard of geo Caching? It sorta of the same thing but you use a GPS to find other peoples caches that they planted....Using a GPS... Its a really neat hobby like the letterboxing.
    Wow , those peicture make me miss the rocky shores of Northern CA...

  6. can you tell I had kids crawling all over me when i wrote that comment! geees! ;)

  7. Mrs. Twisted1:29 PM

    ok, I'm gonna say it and I can cause I'm your wife - LOOKING GOOD baby! :)

  8. Holy Cow, knitting at the beach! How do you keep sand out of everything? I have bad beach luck. . .I don't think sand and fiber would mix for me.


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