Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cakelettes and the end of the Sock Club

This is a little out of chronological order but I need to catch up a little. Before I start this I may upset a few people but these are our opinions oh and it's Sean's fault. (Pubknitters inside joke)

We have a local phenomenon here called Sprinkles Cupcakes. Hearing about it and reading about it on some of the local blogs we thought we would try it. If you were in Southern California when Krispy Kreme first opened franchises here it looked the same. Lines of people waiting for the sweet treats and half not knowing what to expect.

Do you see what is next door? Yes that is an upscale jewelry store in an open shopping mall, but this shopping mall is on the grounds of Fashion Island in Newport Beach. Those of you not familiar with Southern California it's a very upscale shopping district.

We didn't expect the line but thought, we're here and we'll check it out.

The first thought I had is how can you pay the rent by just selling cupcakes?

We looked the menu over and decided to get 4 (so we could sample the flavors)
The term Cupcake seemed a little less than appropriate. Mrs. Twisted and I nicknamed them Cakelettes. With that in mind we thought we would treat them that way. Out came the crystal cake plate and we anticipated the first taste.

Oh we even changed the table covering when the cakes came out of the box because it looked nicer for the pictures.

We picked up two of the cool travel containers.

Like I said we picked four to sample. Red Velvet, Black and White, Strawberry, and Peanutbutter Chocolate.

This looked really nice and smelled soooo good. They also came with a fork and knife to eat with.

No plastic Spork here.

To be honest, the frosting was bit too much, the cake was a little dry on all but the peanutbutter chocolate. I was expecting a moist cake. It may have been because it was late in the day (6:50 PM) and they make them fresh each day. But it wasn't worth the $3.50 each. We may try again and get one to share to see if it was just an isolated incident. Oh the favorite was the peanutbutter chocolate.

On a sad note, the end of the Posh Yarn sock club was today when the last package arrived.

so sad..... Dee at Posh has discontinued the sock club and now you can only get her beautiful hand dyed luxury fiber on her weekly sales that resemble a feeding frenzy. She has a preview of the items for sale the day prior and then at the given time you may purchase what you can but you need to check out before someone else beats you to it. Just because you have it in your cart doesn't mean you get it until you complete the transaction. She typically sells out very quickly. I will be one of the many who will be ready to pounce when the budget allows. here is the last hank of Lucia 70% Merino 30% cashmere.


  1. I do love me Posh yarn! And Sprinkles? Overrated for sure. But then when you live near Newport Beach, $3.50 for a cupcake is nothing! :-)

  2. Anonymous12:05 PM

    How sweet! (couldn't resist)

    I had my first taste of cake from YummyKakes. I guess it is a chain that specializes in cake baking. I am not a fan of cake but this was really good. They have 'cakelettes' of all the flavors of their cakes.

    The muffin container is cute. And the yarn is beautiful.

  3. YMMV, I guess! My dd and I just had Sprinkles this afternoon. Red Velvet is my favorite, followed by Chocolate Coconut and Banana. My dd requests Sprinkles instead of flowers backstage on her opening and closing nights. I have a Cupcake Condo on my blog, too -- necessary for Cupcake Therapy....


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