Saturday, June 09, 2007

Star Wars, WWKIP day and Hand Dyed Cashmere

Before we talk about World Wide Knit In Public Day I have to show you what we saw in route to the event we attended. On the drive to San Diego we noticed what looked like an attempt to make an X wing fighter out of a Honda Del Sol automobile.

Check out the laser guns on the door and R2D2 riding in the back. The steering wheel was replaced with a Yoke. I think this guy has too much time on his hands.

Off to San Diego to attend a WWKIP at Balboa Park. Our intentions were to find a new group to knit with who was knitting outside so I went to the WWKIP website and found the San Diego site. We talked to Bree about going last Wednesday night and she joined us for the adventure.

Arriving at the park we met a nice group of local San Diego knitters, San Diego Fiber Folk, who meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month in Balboa Park. A couple new ladies came to the meeting via the same website. One drove from Long Beach and a few from the local area.

I checked the rules of the park and found out the I could bring libations so a little bottle of wine for Mrs Twisted and a wine cooler for Bree and I had a Cherry Coke along with the wonderful picnic lunch we packed. Warm sun and an ocean breeze was a pleasent surprise insted of the normal "June Gloom" overcast skys we normally get this time of year.

Bree was working on a lace sweater that she cast on on Wednesday and hoped to be finished for her date Saturday night. Pretty ambitious knitting schedule.

That's Bree, the one in the middle, knitting away like crazy.

We drove back to get Bree home in time for her evening plans and after we dropped her off, we thought since we are in the area, why not go to La Petite Knitterie to see what was new. I picked up two skeins of hand dyed cashmere by the local artist from Argosy Yarns that just had to come home with us. They look pink but they are more of a monochromatic peach/pink. One was called Lobster Bisque and the other was called Sweet Sixteen.

What a wonderful day spent with knitters and may the force be with your cashmere.


  1. Anonymous1:54 PM

    I totally forgot about WWKIP day. And duuuuuude, that car? I'm guessing he's single. Hee hee.



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