Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter in Southern California must equal crazy hat day. Why didn't we get the notification?

This was supposed to be my happy Easter post but it's a day late...

The Mrs. and I usually go for a leisurely ride when it's a holiday and this day was no different. A nice drive down the coast to enjoy the summer like weather. It was 91 at our home and 85 at the beach. That's a warm day for the summer time and for March it's a call to arms for everybody to head towards the water.

On the ride down we saw the Corona Del Mar dolphins all decorated for the holiday.

The warm weather brings out the entertainment. Check out Mr Nemo
or Mr Pink fuzzy hat smoking his cigarette. Nothing say Easter like a pink fuzzy top hat. Forgive the blurry picture. We were diving by and he was moving erratically.

Funny to see what's open and what's not on Easter. We found ourselves at Barnes and Noble and for the first time it was almost empty and so quiet. No students clogging up the place looking like they are trying to do homework but really just having some foamy coffee drink in small groups. No little kids running rampant through the store playing tag or whatever. What a delight to browse the stacks. We picked up a paperback from a favorite author and a new guitar magazine.

We drove back north as the sun was setting to see if we could eat at one of her favorite quick places to have dinner. On the return what do we see?

Can you recognize that car?

For you youngsters, it's an AMC Gremilin.
One nice thing about California is that older cars are normal. Pintos, Vegas, Edsels, even Pacers can bee seen once in a while. The drive we take is right through the richest part of Orange county and we always see Ferraris and various other Italian 6 figure cars. I love to see the out of the normal cars like this. I think they were the original owners.

I missed two things from what happened on Saturday. I bought a new spinning book and 4 sample bumps of roving.
I hope the book really does teach me how to spin with one hand while spinning softer yarn with more speed.

Mrs' Twisted bought her first bag of roving (she is going to try drop spindle on Wednesday.

Tonight we met with our Anaheim Hills Knitting Group and the group is growing each week. Ravelry has helped this group really blossom.

I think there was 11 of us tonight. Did almost an inch of the sweater tonight. This is where being over 6' tall is a draw back.


  1. I haven't seen one of those cars in ages! It looks to be in pretty good shape too.
    Sorry I haven't commented in a while...I have no logical,sane or good excuse but I have been visiting and keeping up with you two.
    LOL at those fellas in the would never see that in our little town. I'm glad you had a good Easter.

  2. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Santa Ana Cyn and Imperial, right? I recognize that store. Sad.

    And let me know your itinerary for this week....I need to get out and do some knitting.


  3. 91 degrees! It is a little hard to imagine this time of year. Sounds like beautiful beach weather.

    I just noticed that you are a Nerd god. Hee hee.

  4. I am just a nerd. I probably could have got a better rating if I wore a light saber on my belt.


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