Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Knit Groups a plenty

Monday night we attended the Anaheim Hills knit group for our third meeting there. What a thrill to find out that one of Laura's lace patterns is being used in a KAL and that Dee from Posh is having her write a new pattern for the Posh lace knitters. Such a small world the crafting community is. I want to say hi to Kristie the new spinner, Denise, Shanda, and Laura from the group who was there Monday night. What a warm and friendly group of ladies to knit with!

Last night we attended the first meeting of the Huntington Beach knit group at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Beach and Talbert. We met Dena and Christine from Ravelry and while I think we all expected a few more people to show up it was quite nice to get to know each other this way. The place is quite large for coffee house standards. Very open and plenty of room to spread out. I even brought my wheel to spin for a little while. I have a special project I'm working on right now so I'm spinning like crazy under a little time constraint.

The sweater is over 10 inches and about 9 more until the arm holes. I know it seems like a long way but I'm 6'5" The pattern calls for 102 rounds after the hem. Mindless circular knit stitch is nice for knit group nights so I'm quite happy to plug along and chitty chat.

Looks like we're going to meet a friend at the ATS group tonight instead of the OC Pubknitters this week but I'm sure we'll return to Laguna next week.

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday.

Life Is Good


  1. Anonymous1:27 AM

    Sorry I missed you both Tuesday night. I was really looking forward to it, but something came up I had to deal with instead.

    I finally got a knit & spin calendar put together and hopefully I have the right things on the right days. I think Ravelry should have a calendar feature.

    I presume I'll see you Monday at Rumplestiltskein?

  2. It was great seeing you and the Mrs. again on Monday. That sweater you're making is gorgeous. It's fun watching it grow. :-) I'm quite excited about getting the yarn from Posh. It sounds dreamy. I'm looking forward to hearing what it says it wants to be.

  3. Aw, all these knit groups you blog about make me wish I drove at night! :-(

    You and the Mrs. are coming to Stitch N Pitch, right?


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