Saturday, March 29, 2008

My fleece is spending spring break in Moro Bay and all I got was this lousy Tee shirt....

I learned some hard lessons about the importance of over twisting my singles when plying. When you are holding fiber that either breaks or comes apart in your hand, it's a clue that something is wrong. I know you all are getting tired of hearing me go on and on about my spinning escapades lately. Hopefully it will just be pictures of usable yarn soon. I'm in the middle of plying my midnight merino fiber and hope to finish it tomorrow.

The weather here has changed so drastically over the last week. Today my sinuses couldn't take it anymore and I suffered a bad headache so I waved off the men's knit night. A little medication and nap after work and I'm feeling better.

We did make it down to Laguna Beach for the Pubknitting on Wednesday and brought our friend Stacey
It was nice to reconnect with the pub knitters who we hadn't seen in few weeks.

This week I purchased my first fleece. Mrs Twisted asked that I have it processed even though I wanted to try the cleaning process after all the reading I did on the subject. Something about the smell of dirty wet sheep I think. The fleece is from a Cormo sheep and is making it's way by truck to Moro Bay for some processing. Never thought I would be sending a fleece on a vacation to Moro Bay but it'll show up here all clean and ready so spin. The Cormo fiber was sort of hard to find and the farm I bought from is very small but it looks like it will be extra soft and worth the effort. A family run farm that raises Corriedale sheep with a handful of Cormo. It's been a real pleasure to deal with them. 18 to 19 micron fiber is what I expect to see when it arrives.

Not much progress on the sweater since Monday night where I spent a few hours going round and round.

The weekend is still up in the air, what will we do? Not sure, depends on if these lazy bones can get up early enough to make it to the beach. I suspect a few loads of laundry and some grocery shopping and we may be buying a laptop so we don't have to share. The Mrs received her Ravelry invite yesterday and she was talking about starting a blog. Yes, you heard right, the Mrs is joining the party. We were bouncing around some names for her blog and Ravelry name. More on that later.

Have a great Weekend

Life is good


  1. Shoot me an email when the Mrs. has her Ravelry name figured out; ditto a link for her blog, if she likes. And ask her to friend me on Ravelry. :)

  2. Welcome to Ravelry and pre-welcome as yourself to the blogosphere, Debbie! Can't wait to see what you pick as your handles....
    Teresa (MIA for a long time, but slowly surfacing)

  3. How exciting! I'll be a faithful reader of "the Mrs" if/when you do decide to start a blog! Hope you'll friend me on Ravelry :)

  4. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Funny, I was about to ask the other night, "Why aren't you on Ravelry, Deb?". I forgot that there was a waiting list.

    Ooh, and a blog? Wow.

  5. As I prepare to ply my singles, I reading about the amount of twist I should be striving for. It is still rather vague to me, but it sounds like it is good to have a lot of twist when plying (?). Is that what you meant when you said that there is a reason when a yarn breaks?

    I am glad to hear Mrs. T. is on Ravelry and is thinking about building a blog. I would like to add her to my friends list if that is amenable to her.

  6. Yay Debbie! I'm so glad she'll be on Ravelry now and also be starting a blog! I'm looking forward to seeing what her Rav name is.

  7. And here I thought that your Mrs was happy as a clam leaving all the Ravelry and blogging technology to you! Welcome, Debbie! It's fun. :-)


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