Saturday, March 22, 2008

My PRGE contest Entry

Another post with a preface but I have my reasons. With apologies to my fellow punker gift exchange fans and out of respect to my family and freinds with more delicate sensibilities I give warning to the content and semi-filtered language. I know it seems so normal but I don't curse in real life and I respect those who prefer not to be exposed to bad language or questionable content. If you feel this way I hope you return to my normal content tomorrow.

OK here is my PRGE partner song/project contest entry. I'm in the Punk Rock Gift Exchange and we are having a contest where the upstream partner sends their 3 favorite punk rock songs and the recipient matches the songs with a pattern/project and select the yarn that works best.

These are her choices

1. ""Too Drunk to F**k" by the Dead Kennedy's (this
was hard to choose because I also like Police Truck by
them as well)

I chose a pink pill box hat immortalized by Jackie

The Yarn would be Ballet Pink Debbie Bliss Cash merino because Jackie deserves the best.
The pattern can be found here

2. " Drain the Blood" by The Distillers

My choice is the knitted human heart that is used to drain the blood in kosher meats. From Knit1 Mag. Yarn Cotton DK weight.

3. "Anarchy in the U.K" by the Sex Pistols

Hmmmmm this was the hard one. You would think acrylic but I see bamboo dyed in the three colors from Pretty in Punk.

Thank you Sunneshine for such a fun & interesting contest.


  1. Nice job with the contest - the heart is a bit um, I'm not sure I can find the words:) The Pill Box referencing the Dead Kennedys - clever!

  2. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Funny stuff. I wonder what projects would compliment:
    Minutemen - 'This Ain't No Picnic'
    Angry Samoans - 'Carson Girls'
    Suburban Lawns- Janitor...

  3. Oh, I have had so much fun looking at all the entries for this contest! So creative and fun!! I am so impressed!


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