Saturday, March 22, 2008

Friday Spin in

A week or so ago I was invited to attend a spin in. The invite came from someone who found my name on the San Diego North County Coastal Knitters Ravelry group. I joined the group to do a little lurking and hear about special functions that may occur. Thank you Kelie for the heads up. This was a mid day spin in on a "I'm supposed to be at work" kind of day but... I found out that Lori Lawson and some of the group she spins with may be there too so it was, would you rather work or hang out in a yarn shop near the beach and spin with some wonderful people? I convinced Mrs Twisted to join me and we made it a day. I had put in an extra hour Thursday night and went in an hour early on Friday before the escape to Common Threads in Encinitas. We arrived just before noon much to everyones surprise. Lori, Kelie Jeri, Nancy and I enjoyed the spinning while the Mrs knit. We broke for lunch and ate at the World Famous Raul's for some Mexican food. It's just a little taco stand but if you have ever watched Huell Houser and you saw the Encinitas episode you know what I'm talking about. I highly recommend the spicy carne asada burrito or the chicken soup.

The three of us "in the zone". We had such a good time talking about knitting, fiber, spinning and just hanging out together.

On the ride home we passed trestles and the girls, our nickname for the nuclear power plant because it looks like some feminine anatomy. I spied a name on a facade just off the freeway and had to exit for the weekly vice I call the Lotto. I justify it by saying to myself that it helps the schools even though I know it doesn't and I'll never win but I still play. oh the Sign said SAN-O. It reminded me of the name given to a model of surfboards by Harbour Surfboards built for the waves at San Onofre. Just a little surf lingo from a previous life. I was just thinking why not when I saw the name from the freeway.

Nice to have stylish parking signs or no parking signs.

As I purchased the tickets I engaged the clerk in a brief conversation about the artwork on the walls and he replied it was his. I picked up a couple foam coasters of two pictures he had made. Not real exciting but we love our kooky coasters. I didn't ask but I would venture a guess that he is a surfer or was one in his youth.

Life is Good


  1. Please tell your friend that her Clapotis is lovely, and ask her what yarn she used. Thanks!

  2. I really enjoy hearing about your adventures.

  3. Anonymous7:26 AM

    I think that is really cool that you helped to support his art. I like his style.
    . . . PRGE pal


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