Sunday, March 09, 2008

Happy Sunday

I've been a naughty blogger lately but I hope to feel inspired to write more.

This morning I woke up sort of early considering the time changed. It was so quiet and spring like, the warm sun and cool ocean breeze coming from the south. One of the things that attracted us to the condo we live in is the south facing balcony. So inviting, the clean porch and wonderful weather that I thought of my cold climate friends for just a second and sat outside with Lorelai and spun away. What a wonderful way to spend a morning.

The Malabrigo sweater is coming along slow but sure. Knitting every day even if it's just a couple rounds. Not like I'll be wearing it anytime soon. Today it was in the mid 70's like another picture perfect Southern California day. The weather isn't looking like it's cooling off anytime soon.

About 9" more until I get to the sleeves.
Dinner was split tonight. I had picked up some green bell peppers for stuffed bell peppers for the Mrs and I had some tostadas. Not like anyone is interested in my cooking habits but I'm just rambling here.

Last week I had a good time with the knit/spin groups. Monday night I met with the OC Night Spinners and volunteered to help a wonderful lady with the spinning demonstration for the County Fair. She is going to teach me to spin cotton and flax for the fair, she even grows the cotton in her back yard. Tuesday night we attended the new spinning group that meets every week at Yarn lady. Very small group but it looks like it will grow quickly. Wednesday night was All Things Strings for knitting. Nice to see the group back to 15+ attendees.

After dinner tonight I found myself back on the balcony spinning up some merino for a special project.

Mrs Twisted took this as I was enjoying this view..

Here is a little view of the singles I'm working on right now. I have 8 ounces of this merino to spin up.

Life is Good!

Oh just a little PGRE note, The link to my Amazon wish list in on the sidebar now.


  1. Holy cow, that is fine yarn you're spinning! And pretty, too.

    I don't quite have the nerve to post my Amazon wish list. It, um, goes on for days and days. I would hate to be responsible for crashing Blogger!

  2. Anonymous6:09 AM

    I'm with Lynn, your spinning is looking fantastic!!!

    I'm loving the colors of your sweater too :-)

  3. Anonymous12:07 PM

    I hope to meet up with you guys next Wednesday, assuming I'll still be unemployed ;)

    And Yarn lady? really? I thought that place was off limits!

  4. Your spinning is so even and fine. I look forward to spinning like that.

    I like the sweater. I like the way the color is knitting up. I have decided I am going to buy some Malabrigo this year.

  5. When the time comes be sure to post the times that you will be at the Fair!

  6. First, I love the pooling of your sweater. Second, I am interested in your cooking talk. Please feel free to share pictures and recipes.
    Third, OMG what nice singles. I am working up the nerve to spin some more this week. God knows I have enough fiber for a lifetime of spinning.

  7. Anonymous6:28 AM

    I am so jealous of your view. You wouldn't be able to pry me off that balcony. Lovely spinning!
    ~PRGE pal

  8. Ooo your spinning looks great. I miss sitting outside at the sunset... we're only coming off of freezing temps now!


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