Monday, March 24, 2008

Watch him pull a rabbit out of his stash.

Saturday was the monthly meeting of our spinning guild. Yes Friday spin-in and Saturday spinning guild meeting. It's not all spinning all the time it just worked out that way this weekend.

The group has about 45 members attending the meetings in the three instances I've been to so far. Next month we are all encouraged to bring scraps of roving to donate into a huge pile and will have a carding workshop with the community fiber gathered.

This months program was Chris Acosta on Angora rabbits, their fiber properties and spinning of Angora fiber. Much to my surprise he just set up his wheel and set the rabbit on his lap.

He just plucked the fiber and worked it into the spinning.

This was an English Angora Rabbit, he prefers them for the softness and how they are more pet like. Notice the two laundry baskets behind him, he brought in some just plucked fiber and we all had a chance to take some home. I was able to grab about 2.o oz of this mixed color.

He talked a little about the rabbits and then had a little show and tell of a few of the projects he and his wife had made from the angora. He kept indicating how he preferred to blend the fiber with merino or silk.

Click the arrow to watch the video

Click the arrow to see more video.

The two above videos have sound if you have speakers, and were taken from my little Fuji digital camera and no tripod. Let me know if you like the addition of the video to my blog and if they work well. I have DSL and it works ok. I'm sure cable will also work well but if you have dial up service it my be a little choppy to watch.

I noticed a beautiful Robin wheel behind us in the 3rd row. These are made by a guy in Maine from the most amazing hardwoods. She had the Deluxe in Cherry wood.

Notice how large the bobbin is on this wheel.

My favorite is the Spalted Birdseye maple on the website.

It was very nice to see so many people from so many different spinning groups I attend all come together once a month. Cherie, and Karen from the Tuesday night Laguna Hills spinning group. Many people from the OC Night spinners, also Melissa and Renatta fron the Rumplestiltskein group.

I did work on the sweater a little bit and only have about 45 more minutes of the special fiber to spin. I'm a little slow on the posting. I still have Sundays happenings to do.

Have a great Monday

Life is Good


  1. Wow - all those spinners in one room. Wow - the videos were very interesting. Wow - that spinning wheel is gorgeous.

    ....nothing up my sleeve. Presto. I gotta get a new hat.

  2. Covet, covet, covet. I need to try the Lendrum wheel; two of my friends at Knit Night have one. But that Robin is absotively, posilutely gorgeous! I've bookmarked it. Thank you, I think!

  3. Loved the videos - yes, please continue to add them!

  4. Yeah, I really enjoyed the videos too! They did not come out too bad either especially since it was from a digital camera.

  5. Love seeing all those spinners in one room. That's great! That rabbit cracks me up. He's amazing! The videos came out great, Jerry. The sound is just fine. I can hear him clearly in spite of the faint echo in the room.

    Wanders off laughing about the rabbit...


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