Thursday, March 20, 2008

Field Trip and Sock Yarn

Back to happy fun subjects like knitting and fiber arts.

Today was a field trip to a shipping warehouse that Mrs. Twisted and I have been to a "few" times in the past. This was a little different though. At out weekly Monday knit group a few of the ladies had expressed curiosity about the Purl Soho warehouse. We made plans to meet and Denise started a thread on Ravelry where the group grew to 12 with a few spouses.

For those of you who haven't been there, this building is unmarked except the letter D on the door. No signs, no idea their is so much fiber goodness going on inside.

This is the shipping warehouse for Purl Soho of New York. Jen, the manager welcomes walk ins to shop as long as we don't get in the way of them shipping their orders. You can go online and look at all the inventory before you see it in person if you're lucky enough to live close.

The group waiting for everyone to arrive.

Hard to tell but their are 11 other people back there.

The yarn is calling to us, "TAKE ME HOME"

That's Denise kneeling over the sale bins looking for the bargains. She came prepared with a shopping list and her project cue from Ravelry.

Mrs. Twisted met me there and we were very good.
This all I bought.

Farmhouse Yarns, Fannies Fingering Weight, color way Mauve.

Happy knitting....


  1. It was marvelous fun meeting everyone there today. Thanks for introducing us, Jerry!

  2. Anonymous12:14 PM

    First the Seven Deadly S(p)ins club, then the Purl warehouse in Tustin... You're having quite an influence on my stash! Thank you Jerry, it was a fun day! - Denise

  3. Oh how did I not know about this? How??

    Yarn diet yarn diet yarn diet. Right. I'm on a yarn diet. Ok. I guess I'll just vicariously enjoy the trip to Purl Soho via your blog!

    Post more shopping soon so I can vicariously enjoy that too, ok? :-D

  4. Pictures!

    I'm only a little jealous of the trip, and by a little, I mean I figure I'll stop seeing green some time next week. Although I do admire your heroic restraint.

  5. wow! the warehouse looks sto strange from your much taller point of view! it was fun to have you all visit the warehouse (and thank you to whomever called to warn us that you would be there)!



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