Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cool Beans

A little impromptu road trip happened today. We talked about going to the apple orchards a few months ago but it was hot and we didn't want to fight with the crowds that go up there on the weekends.

I knew we had to go fil up the car before we left and that to was another good reason for the delay in going.

Yes, that's $1.95 per gallon and how appropriate the sign behind the station. How cool is it that gas is under $2.00 per gallon?

For those of you who live outside of the So Ca area and don't know of Oak Glen Ca, it's about 70 miles North East of Orange County. I've been going up here since I was a kid with my parents in the late 60's. The orchards are fewer and the sheds or road side stands have turned into tourist shops, but it's still a nice day trip when you want to escape the city. This was our 2nd trip since the Mrs. moved here. Last year we watched Huell Houser do a show from the orchards and she saw things we missed on our first visit and so she wanted a return trip.

We arrived in the early afternoon and stopped for some cinnamon apple mini donuts at Snow Line orchard. After some sampling of the 5 varieties available we took our hot sweet snack outside and enjoyed the quiet crisp fall day. While sitting under a hundred year old chestnut tree we saw how the growth of the tree resembled cable patterns in our knitting.

Look at the continuation of the pattern from the trunk onto the branches like cables that extend onto the arms of a sweater.

More to see so off to the 2nd stop. Los Rios Rancho is one of the larger places so we stopped to look for apples due to the previous visit where they had the most variety.
We settled on a bag of Staymen Winesap for the pie we plan to bake later this week. I think a few McIntosh will be added as well for the right mix of sweet tart that we both like in our pies. The season was about over so we didn't get to do the pick your own but we did that previously. I was hoping to pick some raspberries too but the late season heat was not good for the crop.

We try to always have our knitting with us and the quiet brisk fall afternoon was inviting us to sit and enjoy a little before the hour drive back home.
The clouds were filling the sky and as I'm witting this the rain arrived so our trip was well timed.
The trees were beautiful, for Southern California standards it was quite pretty to see the red and yellow leaves.

Another great day.

Life is Good


  1. Anonymous6:05 AM

    that looks like a fantastic day :-)

  2. Great photos, Jerry :-)

  3. What wonderful pictures! The first tree is fantastic!

  4. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Oh, so nice! What a great day it looks like. I love how there are these things so close to Southern CA and I haven't even discovered a quarter of them yet. Never gets boring.

  5. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Jerry, another lovely post & another lovely field trip... see? this is why I want you & Debbie to adopt me!

    - Denise/dlotter

  6. Good job on the fuel savings!

    I also made out: scored gas for $1.67 at the warehouse club place yesterday. Doing the happy dance!

  7. Just beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  8. I'm happy to say that my favorite gas station up here is 1.89!

  9. Anonymous7:34 PM

    ok...i am dying to know what that ball thing you have your yarn in is???? and does the yarn come out smooth and easy or do you have to yank and fuss with it?

    please email me and let me know...please,please,please!

  10. Don't you love how much gas prices have come down?! There is a possibility that I amy come down to HB tomorrow if you guys or Nicole are willing...

    You had a much more enjoyable Oak Glen experience than I did. That was the kind of weather *I* wanted!


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