Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The voting ranks adds one more today.

Today my wife votes for the first time. Not sure what it was, I've asked her to register and vote in the past but she decided to step up and make her voice heard this time. We plan on voting together tomorrow morning for the first time as a couple. Our state is crazy and people forget that not 6 weeks ago we didn't have a signed budget and the spending is out of control but here they are trying to pass more state/local bond issues that are other words for tax increases. So much attention is focused on the Governor and President but the bulk of the politics are in the control of the local , state government and your state representatives to Congress and Senate. When you vote for these individuals remember that they are the ones who are writing the laws that we all live by and are responsible for the spending of our tax dollars while the one at the top only signs the bill unless it has a 2/3rds vote and then it doesn't matter who is in office. So these individuals have more power than you think.

OK enough Politics, I'm sure you are as tired as I am with the commercials and the crud that is filling the mail box lately.

Tonight (Monday) I went to the Monday Knit night and brought some of the fiber that I picked up Sunday. Everyone was awestruck with the Redfish silk merino. One of the other ladies bought some in another colorway but she said she would have bought the one I had if were there when she went to the booth. I love to see what everyone else buys at these fiber shows and yarn crawls just because they look at things differently than I do. I heard that some other people had bought sweaters worth of fiber and I felt good because I know they paid more than double, triple or four times the price per ounce for their fiber. I guess it depends on whether you want to dye your own or how much control you want in the fiber. Most of the colored fiber I buy now is for my inspiration for future dyeing.

Two rounds on the skirt completed today and I spent a few minutes reviewing the Russian join because I'm at the end of a skein. These skeins are 550 yards each. Amazing to knit right through the skein change in lace without having to weave in the ends.

Have a great day and please exercise your rights and speak your mind in the best way possible.

Yes this is the same picture on Stale Peeps blog but I'm not sure everyone reads both . Another good use of Malabrigo Silky.

Life is Good

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  1. Props to Ms. Peeps. And I love your "vote" picture. Yes, a great use for the Malabrigo.

    I voted early, last Friday, when the boss let us go home an hour early, or in my case an hour and a half because I opened up switchboard that morning instead of coming on at the usual time.


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