Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gems & Minerals or Rhodochrosite & The Alchemist

I have some spinning to show you today. The South African Fine is now yarn.

The coloring is really nice and it blended well as I plied it. The color is similar to rhodochrosite. I found it a little hard to keep the thickness consistent because of the occasional felted spots in the roving. I should have combed the felted spots but I didn't expect this from purchased roving.

After winding it off and measuring, it worked out to be 310 yards of light worsted at 10 WPI
I'll probably spin more of the SAF but will buy it undyed.

The Mrs. already has a Tam pattern in mind to knit this yarn into. More on that when she casts on.

Yesterday I went on and on about the book "The Alchemist"
I finished the book this evening and enjoyed the story very much. The theology or lack of it was welcome because everyone has their own idea of what God is. This was more about reaching for your own "Personal Legend" by listening to your heart. The author referred to the personal legend as your meaning of life and you connecting to God because you share the same soul. I enjoyed how the story weaves the characters in one by one but they all were integral as the boy journeys towards his personal legend. If I didn't know better the phrase Personal Legend sounds like a buzz word used by Oprah.....

Have a great Sunday everyone

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  1. I'm not generally a fan of pink but that is lovely yarn. Added inspiration for my much anticipated return to spinning.

  2. Oh that is a goregous color

  3. That's one of my husband's favorite books.

  4. Anonymous12:54 AM

    FWIW, the South African Fine I purchased a while back (vendor was Spunky Eclectic) was slightly felted. I wonder if it is just a fiber that felts easily during the dye process?


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