Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some dye experiments.

I wanted to test dye the pindrafted ultra merino that I picked up a couple weeks ago. A little experimenting with color. I was shooting for ruby, a deep dark red with something more, you know that certain something special when you see a brilliant ruby gemstone.

A few months ago we sat on the bed very late one night and contemplated dye names that we could use if we ever opened an Etsy shop. Not that I'm ever going to do that but we came up with a bunch of names that meant something to us. Our first date was to the Seal Beach Pier where we ate lunch at Ruby's diner. So the first named dye color is Ruby. (click on the picture to get a better look at the color)

The second test was my first try at blended blues, yellows and teal. This was a lighter color surrounded by a darker deeper color. This looked like one of my favorite surf spots. Lower Trestles near San Onofre. The way the water looks when you are carving through the water and the light reflects the deep blues and ocean greens just over the nose of your board.

I wish I could surf here everyday but we have a life that doesn't always fit the surf lifestyle.

Here is my tribute to Lower Trestles, one of the better places to surf in California.

I may add a more blue but that's not far off. My pictures don't really show the fiber that well.

Yesterday or a few days ago I mentioned some news. Last year before we moved I was planning a blog contest. Yes the Twisted Blog-Jeopardy is going to happen. I'm close to 20,000 hits on my blog and it's going to be close to Thanksgiving/Christmas, so what better way to thank all of the wonderful people I have met, online and in person, since launching this blog. I'm also approaching my third anniversary of learning how to knit. If you are new to my blog or not reading it at my last contest, we like to go a little over board. (read here for some idea of what I'm talking about) Now we add hand dyed fiber and hand spun yarn to the potential gift items. More details to come soon.

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  1. I am spinning some Shetland that is just about the color of your Ruby. Very nice. I love the Lower Trestles. Great job on both!


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