Friday, November 21, 2008

wobbling wagon wheels

Nothing to excess today and a little falling off the wagon.

Sometimes you have a little short attention span theater going on. A little spinning, a little reading, even a little nap after dinner.

The falling off the wagon happened because we had a craving for a quick dinner and Del Taco was whispering "come back you'll love it, trust me." We gave in and I even had a Cherry Coke, why not be really bad if you are going to fall off the wagon. It just wasn't as good as it was in my mind.

I was asked to be the gift consultant for the Wife's Father's lady friend's gift. Her Father is quite the ladies man or was until he met his "lady Friend" last year. The plan was to knit her a pair of socks. The favorite colors were Blue/Green so we discussed yarn and pattern and I recommended the generic feather & fan pattern, very pretty and easy to finish quickly for her.

We have a thing that happens with most projects, we come up with a little name that goes into her Ravelry projects page. Not the simple "Aquamarine sock," sometimes fun and descriptive of the mood we were in at the time. The sock yarn is SW merino/nylon in a pretty seafoam green from My Small Wonders so I suggested "Dad's Ladyfish Socks." Semi-obscure references to most, but she got it. I love the Incredible Mr Limpet movie and the way he, The Don Knotts character, changed when he found his Ladyfish. Not saying that her Father is Mr Limpet, but she knows the connection I was going for.

Back to the spinning and a little more reading before bed....

Life Is Good


  1. You say Cherry Coke like it's a bad thing! Yarn is pretty, socks will be gorgeous.

    I was just a sprout when that movie came out; you're younger than me. Do you have a "portrait of Dorian Gray thing" going? How do *you* remember that movie?

  2. Too funny but you know I love all of Don's movies but Mr. Limpet was my favorite! I am sure the socks are beautiful!

  3. Anonymous1:47 AM

    That happens to me occasionally with Taco Bell. Or KFC. Or Jack in the Box. Not often at all, we so rarely eat fast food anymore, but whenever we do, I am disappointed because it should have tasted more like what I remember. And I never remember the tummy ache!


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