Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pink wool and new books

Two fun things happened today. I went to a new Library, one that I've passed many times but never went in. This is on the original site of the Irvine family Ranch house. It was gutted by fire in 1965 and converted to a library just a few months ago. What a beautiful home it must have been. It's a huge building with two floors and a basement. It was like walking into a Barnes & Noble but these books were all available to come home with my card. I inquired and the librarian said they bought new books for this branch. I've never seen a library full of new books.

I picked up two books, not like I finished the others yet but these were calling my name. How many of you are fans of The Thin Man series of movies? Dashiell Hammett wrote the books that the movies were created from. You may know him from the Maltese Falcon. I also picked up Woman in the Dark from Hammett. This was originally released as magazine segments in 1933.

Second thing was I went to the Tuesday night spinning group. It was only Julie, Kelly & I tonight. I stood before the wall of yarn and fiber just hoping to get inspired and pulled a braided coil of hand dyed South African Fine wool to spin. Originally I bought it for dye inspiration and to try spinning South African fine breed. I bought this last spring but it just waited for me to want to spin it.

I split it into two 2 ounce mini-bumps. Not sure what it will become but it looks good so far.

Here is most of the first single.

It was a very good day....

Life Is Good


  1. How does it feel? I've never seen/spun South African Fine - love the cotton candy color!

  2. Looks like fluffy pink clouds. I just want to roll up in it and go to sleep!

  3. That's some gorgeous single. Love the cotton candy!!

  4. That explains why you never found THE one and only spinning book at the Tustin library. I got it at the Katie Wheeler branch and not the main Tustin branch. I love the pink SAF. It's really beautiful and soft looking. I have spun SAF and really enjoyed it.

  5. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Oh I *LOVE* South African Fine! And that pink is absolutely luscious! What fun to spin up. That's the joy of fiber, to me, the tactile and visual beauty of it. We get to see the colors, feel the fibers, it satisfies on so many levels!

  6. Anonymous1:18 AM

    The color is just so pretty, like cotton candy that you want to eat


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