Monday, November 03, 2008

Fiber Fun on day three of NaBloPoMo

Today (Sunday)was another busy day. Bright & early I was in Torrance for the annual Weaving and Fiber Festival. As I parked the car I noticed Gene from my Friday knit nights. Gene started spinning a few months ago and we discussed the show last week. It's funny who many people you meet when you craft. The line to get in was about 50 deep and friends waved me forward. I had to get in and out quickly because the Mrs had an appointment, so using the free pass in line didn't bother me too much. The was hosted by the local hand weavers guild and while paying the entry the lady looked up and said "hi, aren't you in the spinning guild?" It's turning into a very small world when it comes to the fiber crafts around here and I love it.

My plans were to make a quick sweep through the vendor halls and head to the Morro Fleece Works booth to pick up my fleece. As I entered the first hall I stopped to talk to Lori Lawson from Capistrano Fiber Arts and catch up since her trip to the Taos Wool Festival. I peeked across the way and saw the Redfish booth and had to look at the amazing fiber. One 4 ounce hank of 50/50 Mulberry silk and extra fine merino stood out to me and I debated leaving the booth and picking it up on the way out but thought nooooo because I knew it would be gone if I did. Yes it's that special. The picture doesn't do it justice.

I made a circle through the room and headed for the next room and took care of the business of picking up the extra hank of Malabrigo Silky bringing the hank total to 8. Safely enough for the sweater/top the Mrs has in mind. Thank you Cathy for bringing this specially for me.

Next was the reason for the trip since I really don't need more fiber. Sheri was sitting there at her booth helping other friends from the Tuesday night spin group when I walked up she was busy so I looked over the other fiber she brought. I picked up some really pretty bamboo/silk and it too had to come home.
These two just screamed at me "buy me buy me now!" I'm not an aqua kind of guy but it looked like Caribbean seas and you know the purple was perfect.

On the way out I saw Gene looking over Lori's hand dyed hanks so I walked over and introduced them. Not sure what he purchased but I found some dyed Cormo locks and had to have them too. I know it wasn't required but soooo pretty and again almost oceanic; looking like inside of the curl while morning surfing at Huntington Beach.

I found the door and made my way home in time to meet the North County Sunday group because it was a special day. One of the ladies wanted to introduce her new guy and asked us to come. I also had a chance to meet Laura AKA KnottyLa. I started reading her blog a couple years ago and this was our first face to face visit even though we live so close to each other.

Later in the day I opened the box to check out the new fiber and was very happy to feel the softness of my latest fleece purchase.

This was a 7 pound raw fleece and weighed in at more than 5 pounds processed. About 74% yield is a testament to how well the sheep are cared for.

Life is Good


  1. Sounds like a fun day, great purchases!

  2. Wow! Awesome purchases. You must feel very satisfied! Also, you aren't easy to miss Jerry! No wonder everyone recognizes you.

  3. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Redfish fiber was the big score from Stitches for me. I know what you mean about the pictures not doing it justice. The color is amazing.

  4. Ooooh I love me some purple!


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