Sunday, November 02, 2008

Knit Knight Yarn Crawl

Today we had a little yarn crawl with the Monday night knit group. We found each other on Ravelry and recently formed our own group there, Knit Knight. We had plans to hit four yarn shops in the Westside/Southbay area. Twist Yarns of Intrigue, Beach Knitting, A Mano Yarn Center and Concepts in Yarn. Mrs Twisted had something scheduled at 3:30 today so we cut it short with the first three.

Nice cozy shop with so much wonderful luxury yarn.

The last three faithful shoppers paying for their goodies.

Part of the group waiting to head to the next shop.

Our motley crue

Yes I am on a yarn diet but yes we did buy some yarn.

We already had 5 of these beautiful Malabrigo Silky Merino hanks.
The project now under consideration takes 7 hanks. Well, I'm picking up another hank tomorrow at the fiber fair from the same shop owner to bring it up to 8 hanks just in case.

Couldn't pass this one up either.
Dream In Color Smooshy color way Butter Peeps for my wife Stale Peeps

That was the end of our purchases but tomorrow is another day.

Life is good


  1. Early bird post! Looks like you guys had a wonderful yarn crawl though. I need to get over that way and check out some of those shops. Except for that pesky "yarn diet" thing...My stash has almost taken over the house and it's time to rein it in!

  2. I think "Smooshy" has to be my favorite sock yarn. It is so well-named.

  3. Oooh... that silky is GORGEOUS!!!!!

  4. Wow that Malabrigo is just beautiful! I can't wait to see what you make.

  5. I think of Mrs. Twisted everytime I see my Butter Peeps Smooshy :-)

  6. You know I've given up on seeing you guys ever again, right?

  7. The color of that Malabrigo is goregous the Butter Peeps is nice too


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