Tuesday, January 16, 2007

1st night with the spinning group.

I attended my first meeting with a local spinning group tonight.


More to watch and ask questions even though I brought my drop spindle with me just in case. The other two ladies there were very open and informative and willing to help when I get my wheel. They said we can dedicate the next meeting to the drop spindle and maybe it might bring in some of the others from the Wednesday knit group. Renata plied a skein of this pretty blue purple yarn while we chatted and by the end of the night she gave it to me as a gift to make a pair of socks. Thanks Renata

The depth of the color is lost a bit on the picture. It's a dark blue/purple. Like above


  1. How exciting! Do you have a recommendation on the type/weight of drop spindle that a beginner might use?

  2. Anonymous12:58 AM

    I'm looking forward to the drop spindle session on Monday. See you there!

    I went to a silk spinning workshop a couple of days ago and learned some cool things about silk. Judging from the way you and Mrs. Twisted like to buy yarn, I think you will both find lots of things to buy and spin!

    This is Melyssa, by the way...check out my blog...

  3. Anonymous12:59 AM

    Punkin, the most important thing about a drop spindle is that it be weighted/balanced properly. Ashford makes a decent one.


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