Sunday, January 28, 2007

Entrelac class today.

Today was "The Ins and outs of Entrelac" taught by Lynne Vogel of the Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook. This was an all day class with lunch included. The morning session was "five Stitch Entrelacs" in the round and the afternoon session was "Back And forth 5 Stitch Entrelacs".

Here I am fully engrossed in the last few stitches before taking lunch. I used two contrasting yarns to ease the process, Alchemy synchronicity in colorway "She Threw Brick" and Karaoke Mermaid. Entrelacs in the round took some time to work all 5 DP needles with some comfort. Making socks on 4 DPs will seem much simpler now.

I almost look relaxed. But really on the inside it was relief because it was lunchtime.

Of course we had to get the obligatory pic with the author and teacher for the day. I must express my thanks to Lori Lawson for all her help throughout the day.

We also picked up a few patterns and some yarn. I know we didn't really need yarn.

Here are the two swatches from the flat entrelac session. Mine is not quite complete but Mrs. Twisted sailed through the exercise.

Some hand dyed and hand spun superfine merino yarn

Spruce colorway 4 ply cashmere

Lynne Vogel brought some hand spun hand dyed yarn like the 100% merino above.

100% Blue Faced Leiceter in purple multi plied

Some of Lori Lawson's hand dyed and hand spun as well

Someday soon, this beautiful hand dyed roving by Lori Lawson will be hand spun by me into a nice hank of yarn.


  1. The entrelac looks great. Perhaps you should take that "Learn how to teach knitting" class at Stitches to better assist you in showing me how to do entrelac ;)

  2. I may just take the class. I do enjoy teaching what little I do know. It would force me to get better at what I do know. :P It was easier than it looks. Just don't try to over think things

  3. Mrs. Twisted11:26 AM

    Funny - it seemed "easy" during the class. I'm sure when I actually go to make something, it won't be so darn easy!

  4. Dear Jerry , thank you for your comment,I am glad to see it!
    The yarn are beautiful and great I love it!

  5. Hi Jerry. Thanks for the comments on my blog, I am surprised you could read all of the little that was there without falling asleep!!! Your entrelac looks great. Mrs Twisted's looks better :P I've been meaning to try crochet entrelac. One day! Some of the yarns you have pictured there are gorgeous. I haven't even got a clue what 100% Blue Faced Leicester is, but talk about eye candy! Thanks again, enjoy your knitting adventures.


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