Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Update on the sock club.

I joined a sock club a few months ago. Posh yarn from the UK has a very exclusive club that only allows 50 members and the yarn is hand dyed specifically to the club members. I bought a couple hanks of yarn prior to the first sock yarn. Posh has a weekly sale where they have limited quantities to liquidate. I purchased one hank of cashmere/merino sock yarn and one of pure silk.

This is called Delight. I have plans to make the falling leaves socks from this yarn.

This silk is called Jeans and I have no idea what it will become but I know it will look and feel wonderful.

I received an e-mail around the first of the month describing the colorway and it just peaked my interest only more.

Here is what Dee at Posh said about the first shipment

This is the time of year for sparkle - fairy lights twinkle around house, frost crystals shine like diamonds, every thing is bright and pretty. And January's Sock Club reflects that brightness, with a colourway named Twinkle, inspired by the cool tones of crystal, blue, turquoise, green, and purple. We think it will add a splash of brightness to your stash, especially on grey winter days. As always, the yarn is Lucia, and its details and care instructions can be found on our information page. The yarn has been sent out today, enjoy it!

I must admit I was disappointed a bit with the color but it looked pretty good when swatched. I'll post swatch pics tomorrow. The consensus is that it's the sharpest, most even even and stitch definition we have seen yet. Soft and not too fuzzy, very nice yarn.

Update Wednesday morning...


  1. I love the way that purple/green/blue is working up - it looks much nicer in the swatch that on the skein. Funny how that is sometimes! keep warm down there, it's cold up in the Central Coast too!

  2. I like the yarn that looks like shades of a ripe peach - so pretty. My attention has been grabbed by your dpns. Are those Suzannes? or Holz & Stein? I have been wanting to start a collection of ebonies - do you know of an online store that carries them?

  3. If you zoom in the bottom picture you can read the Holz & Stein name in gold. You know us guys and our tools.

  4. Mrs. Twisted12:29 PM

    I'm with Inky, I'm loving the blue/green/purple colorway. Funny thing is that I was more attracted to the ripe peachy one before the swatches were done. There is such a luxurious feel to this yarn. I have issues with sock yarn being too scratchy for my delicate princess toes...:) But this yarn is just so yummy and lush!

  5. Good for people to know.


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