Sunday, January 21, 2007

Billy Don't be a Hero - Organize that Stash!

Some of may get the humor in that. We have been fighting a yarn storage problem for the last year or so and it came to an end yesterday with a trip to Ikea.

I'll give you a before pic just to get a point of reference. We had been using laundry baskets for a long time.

We had been looking at the book cases for a while at Ikea and had settled on the "Billy" to eventually cover the one wall for the yarn and various books to ease the congestion in our apartment.

Behold the Naked Billy. (It's what Ikea calls this storage system, not the naked part.)

Here is what it looked like at some early morning hour, loaded with all the goodies sorted by fiber type.

We also have a CD problem but that should be under control in a few weeks when we go back for more book cases. The car can only carry so much in a trip. We have as many CD's as we do balls of yarn. Oh and look there is still room for more yarn. and just wait till we add a few more pieces, we won't have to worry about what we buy at Stitches next month. Seriously, it feels good to have this under control or at least not under foot.


  1. I would love to do open storage with my stash. The cats would just LOVE that.

  2. We don't plan to keep it open too long. Phase two of the project is to include glass doors, possibly interior lighting and glass shelves when we add a few more cases to reduce the concentration. The plan was to install the shelves and then buy all the doors at once as so to keep the veneer on the doors the same.

  3. Maybe after I organize my shelves I will post my IKEA yarn display too :)

  4. Your storage solution looks quite nice, definitely a vast improvement over those laundry baskets :)

    -- Michelle

  5. Looks great!! How did I miss this post?

  6. Those look great!

    If you'd like a suggestion for condensing the space of those CDs, PM me through Ravelry.

    Rayna AKA packrat1 on Ravelry


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