Saturday, January 27, 2007

The organization continues at Casa de Twisted

We slowly march on with the organization process. I was not happy with the over flow on the other CD rack so it was back to Ikea for the matching CD racks. The first picture is one from a few weeks ago before the yarn re arrangement

This was after the movement of the rack and locating all the CDs in one place.

We went to Ikea thinking we have approximately 500 to 550 CDs and thought three racks would be enough for the time being, but it was quickly evident that we would run out of room.

six hundred and four and counting. One positive note, My car is very Ikea package friendly. The three boxes from last night or the two large boxes from last week fit like it was designed to slide inside a Nisan Xterra perfectly. I plan to pick up one more rack soon but not today. Tomorrow is the entrelac class so it will be mid week before the music collection is settled. I must admit that they are alphabetized by artist like a good psycho does. Hey, at least I don't go as far as separating by genre first then alphabetize, but I have thought about it more than once. Problem is, some of these bands are hard to define by a specific genre when they cross multiple genres in the same album. So, I just stopped worrying how to classify the music and just enjoy it as it should be.


  1. We have those same the lighter color. And my cds are also alphabetized by artist. Ours are full, we could probably use a 4th.

    Entrelac class? So that means you can show me when you get up here? Please?!

  2. The CD racks are lovely - they showcase your CD's very nicely.

    So how about doing my garage?

  3. Mrs. Twisted10:53 AM

    Hah hah punkin! After I get him to do OUR garage, he's all yours!

    Stacey - we'll probably have to buy a 4th too. But its so nice to have things organized - YAY!


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