Monday, January 22, 2007

Cupcake Hat, Cherry or no Cherry?

Mrs. Twisted's Birthday today. A nice quiet celebration together.

We had a nice breakfast out. Then off to do some clothes shopping and a swing by A Mano yarn Center for some Tilly Thomas. Nice dinner of Steak and Shrimp.

I also picked up a ball of Tofutsies that is made from Chitin ( made from Crab parts) and a hank of Socks that rock to make some man socks.

I also picked up some square needles to try out. More toys for the boys

Yesterday we went to Alamitos Bay to pick up a hank of Lorna's laces Helen's Lace in the Valentine colorway. This stash building is OK because they are both gifts.

Here is the question:

Cherry or no Cherry? Please let us know what works better? These are going to a baby shower next Saturday. This is the FO from the cupcake pattern last week.

Don't you just love the Matching mittens?


  1. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Twisted!! Sounds like it was a fun, fun day.

    I just saw some of that beaded yarn at Scarlet Skein (Atascadero, CA) and it was lovely. Whatcha gonna make?

    Also, definitely cherry. It doesn't look like a cupcake otherwise. And maybe a duplicate stitch cherry on the mits? baby might eat the pom-pom otherwise, i suppose, lol, i don't know much about babies.

    And my word verification is "nuedz." i wonder how blogger knew i was nakedy?

  2. It's funny how Blogger can see what you're doing. I'm guessing it warmed up a bit on the central coast.

  3. Mrs. Twisted11:25 AM

    Thanks Inky - I like the cherry too, after seeing the pictures. Also I am a big (lurking) fan of YOUR blog!

  4. Shit, you're right. Happy Birthday D! I don't know why I can never remember her birthday. I know it's in January, but I can never remember the date.

    I wanted to go to the Los Alamitos store when I was done there last, but as you know, the time dissapears too fast. Maybe next time. And maybe one of these times we can go to A Mano together.

  5. Mrs. Twisted4:21 PM

    Inky - I forgot to answer your question! I've been planning a tank in the jade (emerald) Tilli Thomas and was thinking the beaded yarn would make a nice, removeable cowl/mobeus scarf sort of thing. Its beautiful in my mind, we shall see how it actually turns out!

    Stace - yes! I am always up for a yarn store even tho we're trying to be good.

  6. Happy Birthday Mrs. Twisted! The cupcake hat and mittens are adorable.

  7. hehe, no it's not warmer, but let's just say The Gas Company loves us this winter :)

    Mrs. T - funny, when I saw the Tilli yarn I thought it would make a cool mobeus too!

    and thank you re: blog - delurk sometime :)

  8. I want to thank you, Mrs. Twisted, for the comments you left on my blog. It is always nice to hear from you. That Manos is lovely yarn. I don't know if I have ever enjoyed a yarn as much as I have Manos (of course there are still many yarns I need to sample!). The colors on this one remind me of flowers and cheers me. I love your knitting and look forward to seeing more.


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