Friday, January 12, 2007

Day Three of the trip back east..

When we last spoke We were on our way from a yarn shop with the back seat covered in yarn and books. After a night of Chinese food, close friends and a bit of wine (none for me) we were off again. The goal of the day was to go to Webs in Northampton Mass and end up in Chesterton NY our final destination.
We first saw Webs at Stitches West last year. Huge booth and I shopped a few times on the web site but we had no idea of the size of the store.

The front of the store was huge, but the back was a warehouse with closeouts and specials. sorry but some places get a little freaked out when you take pictures so you only get a few of the warehouse in back.

This was mostly close outs and overstocks.

This place is so cool they have real shopping carts to help you with your haul.

I really liked this yarn and it was on sale. I want to swatch is and see what it looks like

Noro Cash Iroha for less than $6.00 each on the close out.

This was knit up in a sweater and it was so pretty so we bought enough for a shawl

Jaeger Baby Merino for $3.99 a ball

Debbie Bliss Soho for $2.99 on closeout.

Debbie Bliss alpaca Silk for $3.99 a ball and we bought 10 just to make something pretty and soft. Maybe matching hat and scarf and gloves.

Webs brand superwash extra fine merino. 16 balls of soft machine wash merino

The whole haul for the 3rd and final day or so we thought.

Mrs, Twisted and her niece Sara bella loving the window seat in our room


  1. Wow! What a huge warehouse. I would have to pack a picnic and stay a while. (I love a bargain). I like the yarns you chose.

  2. Mrs. Twisted10:33 AM

    Oh punkin - it was SO awesome! (and maybe a teeny bit overwhelming) It was really hard to restrain ourselves and of course, we really didn't. If you visit Massachusetts, you've got to go!

    I really miss that window seat! :)


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